[Fo4] Did FO4Edit break my game?

2022.01.22 13:57 -node-of-ranvier- [Fo4] Did FO4Edit break my game?

I have a massive modlist that was working (nearly) perfectly as of yesterday.
There was one problem with an invisible house/floating furniture in Concord, so I figured there was a conflict somewhere with precombines/previs. After reading into other people's experiences with the issue I installed FO4Edit to try and figure out which mod conflict was causing the problem.
(note: another tip was to remove a certain line from the fo4.ini file(s) but I checked and mine didn't have that line)
As soon as I opened the program it became very obvious that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I kept looking around through the plugins, but definitely did not change anything.
Since then, my game will not start at all. If I try to launch F4SE through vortex (either with or without mods), the loading icon spins for about 30 seconds and then just stops. I tried using the Steam launcher as well, and that also didn't work (a black screen appeared for less than half a second and then the whole thing crashed. I am not getting any error messages.
Please help!
Load order:

# Automatically generated by Vortex *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp *ArmorKeywords.esm *HUDFramework.esm *TrueStormsFO4.esm *YouAndWhatArmy.esl *JonsMod.esm *WorkshopFramework.esm *SS2.esm *SS2_XPAC_Chapter2.esm *Games.esm *BarstoolGames.esm *CWSS Redux.esp *For the Minutemen [SS2 City Plans] [Demo].esl *SunshineHive.esl *TenpinesHive.esl *Homemaker.esm *IDEKsLogisticsStation2.esl *MassFusionWonderPower.esm *Vault111LOD.esl *SanctBridgeLOD.esl *simple Oberland station.esl *simple hangman's alley.esl *TrueStormsFO4-FarHarbor.esp *TrueStormsFO4-NukaWorld-FH-Compat.esp *FriendlyRadstags.esp *SS2Extended.esp *ASmallAddition.esp *AtlasSummit.esp *BostonFPSFixAIO.esp *OWR_ChristmasDecor.esp *OWR_ChristmasDecor_CW.esp *FlirtyCommonwealth.esp *FlirtyCommonwealthFemale.esp *BetterGenerators.esp *CBBE.esp *Child Adventurer Outfit.esp *Child Faction Field Outfits.esp *Child Outfits Vanilla Standalone.esp *Child WastelandFashion.esp *CleanMySettlement.esp *KSHairdos.esp *ConvenientStores.esp *BetterNightVision.esp *DarkerNightsDetection.esp *Deeper Male Protagonist Voice - Type A1.esp *sanctuarypersonalspace.esp *ImmersiveV95.esp *DiverseChildren.esp *DogBed.esp *DogmeatHelmetsAndHats.esp *Dogmeat as CC Golden.esp *ImmersiveScrapping_SeasonPass.esp *WET.esp *SS2WastelandVenturers.esp *[SS2 Addon] SimSettlements SuperStructures.esp *LD50_Leaders.esp *OWR_CraftableDecor.esp *OWR_CraftableDecor_CW.esp *SS2_ruined_simsettlement_addonpack.esp *SS2WastelandReconstructionKit.esp *FalloutWho.esp *ASmallAdditionStandaloneDrivablesDog.esp *Eli_PlantPots.esp *3Vegas_SurvivalBeverages_version2F.esp *ASmallAdditionJump.esp *LoreFriendlySurvivalChems.esp *CarryWeight25Strength.esp *CarryWeight300.esp *OutfitSwitcher.esp *Realistic Death Physics - ALL DLC.esp *SurvivalSaving_Holotapes.esp *WeightlessAmmoFarHarbor.esp *rhlegendary.esp *console.esp *survivalcompassvanilla.esp *3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp *ButtonsCompanion.esp *W.A.T.Minutemen.esp *DCGuard_Overhaul.esp *AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp *AFT_Use_Original_Spouse.esp *Dogmeat A True Companion Insanity.esp *MMSquads.esp *NoSharedDogmeatTemplate.esp *AtomicRadio.esp *Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp *AT - Atomic Radio RAO Patch.esp *More Where That Came From - Classic.esp *AT - MWTCF-Classic RAO Patch.esp *LOST Audio Tweaks.esp *Ambient Wasteland.esp *OWR_AOC.esp *OWR.esp *RAO - OWR patch.esp *DarkerNights.esp *FAR.esp *Fixed Alpha Map.esp *Vivid Fallout - All in One - Best Choice.esp *Boston Natural Surroundings.esp *Insignificant Object Remover.esp *vaulttec-unlockstruct.esp *Sarcastic Sneak.esp *AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp *Edit_Hancock.esp *The Eyes Of Beauty.esp *TheEyesOfBeauty.esp *powerarmort49.esp *ClassicSniper.esp *funcweddingrings.esp *Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp *CROSS_Jetpack.esp *Survivalist GoBags-Chem Station.esp *Boston_Police_Department.esp *The Castle.esp *NEST_BUNKER_PROJECT.esp *SettlementVault111.esp *RRTV_HomesAndBunkers_Coastal.esp *Eli_Faction Housing Overhaul - The Castle.esp *AA Subways of the Commonwealth.esp *Minuteman Watchtowers.esp *SettlementVault111 - AddonDLC03.esp *WelcometoGoodneighbor.esp *3DNPC_FO4.esp *MojaveImports.esp FunctionalDisplays-AID-WI.esp *Fallon's Basement Overhaul.esp *ImmersiveGenericDialogues.esp *PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp *sectorv.esp *ASmallAdditionStandaloneDrivablesBoat2.esp *PlayerCellarHome.esp *Covscript.esp *3DNPC_FO4_DLC.esp *Immersive S Boston Military Checkpoint.esp *RecruitableSettlers.esp *RedWave_Egret.esp *Diverse Cats.esp *SancBridgeRestore1.esp *RadiumInc.esp *SS2_Addon_Favelabulous.esp *SS2_FDK_TinyLiving.esp *LimaOutpost.esp *Rename Dogmeat - Atom (user corne223 wanted this) v.3.0.esp *VaultTecStory.esp *Immersive Reflex Sights.esp *NoLimitsJetpack.esp *ASmallPipBoy01.esp *RRTV_CommonwealthRoadMap-RedRocket.esp *CheatTerminal.esp *Stm_DiamondCityExpansion.esp *MilitarizedMinutemen.esp *RecruitableSettlersFH.esp *BarstoolGames_FH.esp *BarstoolGames_NW.esp *Minutemen Supply Caches.esp *Eli_Sanctuary Bunker.esp *female_player_soldier_fix_robot.esp *cVc Dead Wasteland 6.esp *SurvivalistBunker.esp *SKKFastStartLocation.esp *SS2_SIMPDDDD.esp *minivault.esp *BetterShackBridges.esp *ohSIM_Sim2_Settlements_Scrappers_Addon.esp *Cho1_ss2_Barmod_Conversion.esp *SS2-Jampads2.esp *WeightlessAmmoForSurvival.esp *Cho1-Workshop-Framework-stuff.esp *Danse GTFO Power Armor.esp *DogmeatNoOpeningDoors.esp *3DNPC_FO4 FaceGen.esp *Femshepping_WastelandPinup.esp *Fixed Trading Prices.esp *GruffyddsSignsAndPosters.esp *SignsOfTheTimesCategorized.esp *brtrn_craftingItemsAreNotJunk.esp *brtrn_holoTagsAreNotJunk.esp *Higher Female Protagonist Voice - Type A2 - DLC1-Automatron.esp *Higher Female Protagonist Voice - Type A2.esp *Homemaker - Streetlights Use Passive Power.esp *IDEKsLogisticsStation2_SS2_Patch.esp *Immersive HUD.esp *ImmersivePipboyRadio.esp *Marmo1233 - Immersive Settlers.esp *ImmersiveScrapping_SeasonPassVisPatch.esp *brtrn_highValueAreNotJunk.esp *brtrn_toysAreNotJunk.esp *brtrn_undamagedItemsAreNotJunk.esp *brtrn_uniqueItemsAreNotJunk.esp *Journey.esp *Nate US Army Reserve Equipment LR.esp *Journal.esp *JunkTownTwo.esp *JunkTown-FENCES2.esp *K9TacticalHarness.esp *LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp *WoodenPrefabsExtended.esp *SSEX.esp *LongerPowerLines3x.esp *MarcyLongDialogueEdits.esp *MilitarisedMinutemen_PatchesAddon.esp *MinutemenPropaganda.esp *MyCityPlans(3).esp *MyCityPlans(5).esp *MyCityPlans(6).esp *NMDD_FriendlyDogs.esp *NickValentinesDay.esp *NickValentineRomance.esp *No More Fake Puddles - Nuka World 1-0.esp *Northland Diggers New.esp *Nuka World Bottle Fix.esp *MojaveImports - Combat Addon.esp *PetAnyDog.esp *Pet - Call -Feed Dogmeat.esp *Power Conduits and Pylons - Increased Radius.esp *SS2-PraRandomAddon.esp *ProvisionerUniform.esp *Random Settlements For Minutemen Quests.esp *AES_Renovated Furniture.esp *SS2_CityPlanPack_RiseOfTheCommonwealth.esp *WATM-MM-MMUPAIA_CustomPatch.esp *RiseOfTheMinutemen0_9.esp *SKKFastBOS.esp *SKKFastMinutemen.esp *[SS2] Ad Vic.esp *SS2 - All Lights Cast Shadows.esp *SS2WalledGardensAndMore.esp *SS2WhisperPowerPlots.esp *CSM SS2 Pack.esp *[SS2] BBVault 88.esp *SS2_RobotMod.esp *SS2Addon_MS_BareEssentials.esp *MyCityPlans 1.3.esp *Quick Save.esp *Settlement_Markers.esp *SettleObjExpandPack.esp *SettleObjExpandPack-AllLightShadowEnabler.esp SettleObjExpandPack-AutoDoorsPatch.esp *SettlementMenuManager.esp *RecruitableSettlersLeaders2.esp *Cho1SS2FlagsMod.esp *SimHomestead2.esp *SimSettlements2_AddOnPack_ApocalypticAdditions_SirLach.esp *SimSettlements2ChildSupport.esp *SpatialAwarenessDiscovered.esp *SolarPower.esp *Survivalist.esp *TransDOGrifierEX.esp *TroublemakerOutfit.esp *VW_VerdantWasteland.esp *TrueStormsFO4-EarlierSunsets.esp *TrueStormsFO4-EarlierSunsetsFH.esp *SS2AOP_VaultTecTools.esp *EvilViking13_MinutemenMorale.esp *Wasteland Ranger Outfit.esp *BOS.Fences.esp MyCityPlans.esp *ss2travelingvisitors.esp *SKKFastStartNewGame.esp *SS2_BleachersDCStory_Patch.esp 
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2022.01.22 13:57 lifeofnudist [24/M] I live my life as a nudist

I’m 24M from the US. Outside of my day-to-day life I’m a practicing nudist. I visit resorts and beaches in addition to nearly full-time home nudism. It’s a very misunderstood lifestyle so I’d be happy to discuss with curious people!
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2022.01.22 13:57 worldwar2356 Lung pain while running

To me, I always thought this was normal because it makes sense, when a lot of air is passing through my lungs they would hurt, however after talking to others they don't seem to get this same sort of pain while running. I am a teenager, I have never smoked/vaped and I don't know of any lung conditions I have. I am also fairly fast (I think), I can run a 5:17 mile, but it is incredibly painful in the lungs and I just have to keep pushing on. Do you know why this is happening or how to fix it, or if this is normal and everyone ex[eriences this. The pain is very bad, probably the worst pain I have in my life and it stops me from wanting to continue however it quickly goes away after I stop running.
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2022.01.22 13:57 Filous1 I have 20 more victories than defeats, why am i still getting 15 lp ?

I've had 10,8,8 win streaks, and my biggest lose streak was 3 losses, won all my gold promo games and still after that i still win only 15 LP, I don't understand.
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2022.01.22 13:57 secretsofthedead4455 I don't know who I am anymore

• I can't hold a job • No one will hire me • I'm relying on one source of income which isn't alot • I'm hated between friends and family • I don't have any skills • No one wants to hang out with me anymore • I just feel like a rock washing back into the shore repeatedly • it wasn't supposed to be like this •
I just want to scream I don't know what to do with myself, I don't know how to be a better person, I don't know how to hold a job or gain skills. Why was I even born at this point. I feel so stuck and useless. Nobody knows.
I don't know who I am anymore
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2022.01.22 13:57 SherbertEducational Men’s mental health.

Brief run down, 24 year old male. In a relationship but lives alone. Already diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and ADHD, I also suspect that I have borderline BPD. Ok enough of that. I want to be more open with the world about my issues but as a man I feel like everyone (save for a select few) will look at me differently or see me as broken, unreliable, dramatic, etc.. My partner supposedly “gets it” but I often think she doesn’t and it’s the source of arguments (I usually just apologize for being an ass or for being f’d up). For the most part I manage but more and more there are mornings I wake up totally disassociated and lost. I’m on Effexor and Vyvanse for the depression and adhd but find it hard to take consistently. I know this post is rather broken and hard to follow but I needed an anon way to vent and gain input. Thanks/fuck off in advance 🤘🏻
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Want to understand that when you have a full erection. Does the pelvic floor stick out or protrude in any way and whether this is common/normal.
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Hey all,
Anime fun here and not TCG, so not sure if the right place to ask but is there a good competitive deck for D-link or Cyberse at the moment to use?
Because all these erdich, virtual world, D/D/D, etc is getting on my nerves.
I am not playing in tournaments, just want to have fun without getting swarmed by decks that I've never seen in the Anime.
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So i completely broke my phones screen and it had to be fixed. I brought it to a repair shop and they repaired the screen. But when I got my phone back the passcode didn’t work. Then I waited a whole fucking hour just so they could factory reset it and my passcode would work. When I got home tho I realized I didn’t have an iCloud backup. Now I have my phone without all my apps, important photos and the most important: my 5 years long grind on supercell games where I spent about 80 dollars on too. Does anyone know what I can do to like fix it or tell this to the shop and they could help me or something?
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2022.01.22 13:57 RecommendationWeak44 Meaning of life as your opinion?

My opinion is to strive for happiness and to give others the same wherever available even if it means a substance has to be used but that's me, what about you guys?
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2022.01.22 13:57 NihonJinLover Vaccinations for upper respiratory diseases?

We originally had one cat, Hailey. In 2010, we adopted our second cat, Duckie, from the humane society. We didn’t know about upper respiratory illnesses in cats at the time. Eventually Hailey caught herpes and chlamydia from Duckie. This made Hailey sick enough to require hospitalization. She eventually got better. Many years later, Hailey passed of other causes and so now we just have Duckie. We now find ourselves possibly wanting another cat, but we are concerned it would get sick like Hailey did. My question is; are there vaccines that could protect a new cat from these diseases that Duckie carries? Thank you!
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