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#1 rule of prey, if it works it works

2022.01.22 15:32 theoneandlonelyspark #1 rule of prey, if it works it works

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2022.01.22 15:32 Big_Stay5979 Upcoming AMA with Lemonn on Twitter Spaces - Check the tweet for details:

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2022.01.22 15:32 _Immolation_ Bundesliga & Serie A are seriously lacking good SBCs this year.

Whereas, on the other hand, Ligue 1 received 3 top tier meta player SBCs both performance and value wise in the last 2 weeks - and don't get me started on the unrealistic skill move boosts.
What do you think?
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2022.01.22 15:32 The-Almighty-Avocado A sketch of Gravity Suit Samus I did for my art class

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2022.01.22 15:32 Rook32KingPawn Why can you buy a silencer for a gun but not a loudener?

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2022.01.22 15:32 mllsfkr Vasıfsız hırsızlar modere edemeyince subları böyle oluyor yorumlardaki transfobiye bakın lol

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2022.01.22 15:32 littlepley Closure technique or device for AV fistulas?

I’m trying to do a literature review on what current best practice is for closure device or closure technique following an angiogram of an arteriovenous fistula or graft. I’m certain there must be some kind of literature available somewhere but I must have the wrong wording or search terms.
The reason I’m looking into this subject is because our IR providers use a suture with an external tension device that we call a “woggle” but other providers use a different technique of twisting the suture to provide tension. We (recovery RN’s) keep the tension device intact for an hour post-procedure then release the tension and if no bleeding occurs we remove the suture. Well, we’ve had a few patients recently who have been extremely difficult to achieve hemostasis (after the suture has already been removed) and I’m hoping to educate myself and my coworkers. It is possible the delayed bleeding has nothing to do with the closure device or technique and could be with how we remove it, or maybe there are other factors we’re overlooking. I don’t know if we need a practice change or not. We’ve ended up needing to hold manual pressure at these sites for sometimes 90 minutes or more and this is putting a strain on our already stretched staffing resources.
When I search I’m only finding information on transarterial closure devices or techniques which is not helpful for arteriovenous fistulas. Any help would be appreciated. Most of the recovery staff are former CVICU or ED RN’s so arterial closures/hemostasis are our bread and butter but the fistulas are an area we all need to brush up on.
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2022.01.22 15:32 thek00laidman 1:64 Buyers Guide and Reviews

1:64 Buyers Guide and Reviews I've seen many posts and have been there myself, wondering how to get into 1:64 die cast car collecting and which brands out there were worth the money and where they all fit into the spectrum of quality, price, catalogue, etc.
So, I've taken it upon myself to come up with a quick orientation guide to the different brands you're likely to encounter and how they all compare. To do so, I developed my own ranking system to try and sort out the different models on offer
The ranking system is broken into 5 categories, each on a scale of 1-5. These are Detail, Quality, Paint/Decals, Presentation, Value. The categories and rubric are as follows:
Detail - This category rates the overall amount of find detail being represented by the model. It does not take into account the materials used or craftsmanship of the finished product. It is only concerned with how accurate a model tends to be and how much fine detail is present
1 – Correct basic shape of the car with distinct, though soft panel lines. Likely no, or low quality inaccurate die cast side mirrors. May be missing door handles, fuel filler doors. No black weather stripping or trim. Wheels may or may not be a real design Grille may not have any real definition. Usually no front windows
2 – Some recognizable interior detail. Moderately sharp panel lines. Grille and headlights have some definition Wheels resemble the general design of the real car. Usually no front windows
3 - Interior is reasonably accurate. Clear panel lines and door handles. Separate headlights. Mostly accurate body trim and aero Reasonably accurate wheels and car stance. May or may not have side mirrors. Likely does not have front windows
4 – Very crisp panel lines. Detailed intakes/exhaust. Weather stripping and window borders are black. Grilles have clear pattern or detail. Mirror may have reflectors and may be die cast or separate attached parts. All but the smallest aero bits are present. Should have all windows.
5 - All panel lines and small details present. Read window should have defroster lines of appropriate. Accurate carbon fiber pattern where needed. Side mirrors are separate detailed parts. Any small detailed bodywork is present. Interior is highly accurate including paint where appropriate. May have brake discs and calipers. Antennas are present if appropriate. All windows are present and have correct dimensions and details.
Quality - This category rates the quality of the materials uses, fit and finish, and overall craftsmanship of the final model.
1 – Plastic Wheels likely with mold lines. Chrome is low quality plastic with uneven coloring. Windows are thick and may not be seated properly. Wheels held on by pins. Wheels are very wobbly and loose with both vertical and horizontal movement. If headlights are clearly present, they painted on. Assembly is haphazard and significant gaps between parts exist and/or parts may be poorly seated and attached.
2 - Wheels may be plastic or rubber, but lack tread. Headlights are simple paint. Wheels are loose but have some restriction of movement. Windows are thinner but still very distorting. Assembly is generally poor with some gaps between parts, and parts may not be seated very well.
3 - Wheels are rubber or vinyl with some tread if appropriate, though tread may be inaccurate. Wheels have some play but horizontal movement is limited. Windows are thin without too much distortion. There may be some gaps between parts and assembly is good, but not perfect. Some parts may not be perfectly straight or even. Lights may be clear plastic lenses or higher quality paint or decals. Tires may not be perfect seated on wheels and may have some excess rubber flashing attached. Windows fit is generally good but may not be perfectly in line with body
4 -Rubber tires with appropriate tread and scale. Little to no mold lines or excess flashing on tires. Tires are well seated on wheels with minimal fitment issues. Windows are thin, clear, and smooth. Windows are set in body properly with no unreasonable gaps. Plastic wings and aero bits are robust and unlikely to easily break. Mirrors are even and not crooked. Wheels may have some play but are not overly wobbly or have much horizontal movement.
5 - Rubber tires with correct tread and scale. No mold lines or flashing on tires. Tires are completely evenly seated on wheels with no fitment issues. Windows are thin, clear, and smooth, with no distortion or quality issues. Windows fit perfectly into body. Should be little to no rattle or movement of wheels horizontally or vertically. All parts are clean, robust, and well seated with minimal crookedness or error.
Paint/Decals - This category rates the detail, accuracy, and quality of the paintwork and decals specifically.
1 – A single color paint used for body. May have a 2nd color for top if appropriate. Minimal if any badging. Any badging present may be off center or crooked. Pain isn’t very smooth and may have significant blemishes or bumps. Unlikely to have accurately painted headlights, taillights, or side reflectors/lights. Panel lines may be obscured by thick paint
2 - Reasonably smooth pain with some blemishes. Major badging or decals are present but may be off center or not to correct scale. Headlights/taillights should have some form of painting to distinguish them. May have a buildup of paint around panel lines
3 – Good quality paint with integrated or separate clear coat if appropriate. Paint may have some minor-moderate blemishes. Major badges/decals are present and of reasonable scale and quality. Paint shouldn’t obscure or fill panel lines. Decals on race cars may not be seamless and multiple colors could be positioned incorrectly, but are generally accurate
4 - High quality paint with appropriate clear coat. Few, if any blemishes, and those present are difficult to notice. All decals are of good quality and scaled correctly. Panel lines generally remain sharp without being filled with paint and without excess paint ridges near them. Race car decals are both generally accurate including many small graphics. Fit between decals may not be perfect but errors do not detract from the overall model. Decals should be well attached without major rips, tears, or folds
5 - Near factory quality paint with correct finish. No blemishes noticeable without very close inspection. All decals are present, accurate, and of high quality with correct scale. Penal lines are unaffected by paint. Race car decals are highly accurate. Fit between decals is near perfect with minimal if any errors. Decals don’t look like decals as much as they do paint due to the high quality of materials and skill of application. Museum quality.
Presentation - This category rates the consideration given by the manufacturer to the aesthetics of the packaging and options for storage and display by collectors
1 – No consideration given to storage or display by collectors. Packaging is utilitarian and designed purely for shops. May be a plastic blister pack or cardboard back with plastic shell around model. Packaging is unattractive and of no value.
2 - No consideration given to storage or display, however the packaging itself may have some artistic, nostalgic, or display value
3 - May include a low cost/quality storage or display option such as a reusable box
4 – Includes a display of some kind. Usually, a base or stand with some information about the model printed on.
5 - Includes full display solution with base and acrylic dust cover cast and is visually pleasing.
Value - This category rates how appropriately priced a model is when considering it's overall detail, quality, paint, and presentation when compared to the rest of the industry.
1 – Terrible – Extremely overpriced for the quality of the model or of such low quality it’s simply not worth paying even the industry average for
2 – Poor – Simply not worth it at the normal price point. May be a good purchase on sale or clearance.
3 – Average – In line with the quality and price that should be expected in the industry
4 – Good – Generally a good buy even as full price as you get more model for the money than competitors
5 – Excellent – Among the best quality to price ratios in the business. The model would be worth a purchase even at a much higher cost.
Please keep in mind that while I've tried to remain as neutral and objective where possible, in most cases these ratings are based on my own opinion and impression of the brands and are likely skewed by the different things that I personally find important in the models I collect. I've tried to be as wide ranging as possible in the weight I give to different aspects of the models but it is impossible to remove bias from such an endeavor. It's completely find to disagree with how I rated a particular brand or line. I am not an authority on the matter, I'm just a collector like you trying to lay out the 1:64 landscape for those who would like to explore it.
There are also more 1:64 lines and brands out there than just those I'm touching on. I have not included names like IXO, Majorette, AutoArt, Minichamps, etc. Some, like Majorette because I have never personally owned any of their products, and others like AutoArt because their 1:64 offering is extremely limited and you're unlikely to encounter them with frequency. If you really like a certain brand's offering and I've not included them, this is why. Not because I'm hating on them!
Lastly, some brands like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Johnny Lightning have been around for half a century, so the quality and detail has varied a great deal over time. My ratings are based on the typical model from the company you’d see released today.
With that, on to the ratings.

Hot Wheels
Introduced by Mattel in 1968, the standard, classic Hot Wheels car is bar far the most well know, widely available, and heavily collected die cast car in the world, regardless of scale. They're cheap, available anywhere that sells toys, and cover every imaginable car type from fantasy vehicles, race cars, muscle cars, trucks, sports and super cars, all the way to normal old family sedans. This rating is for the standard $0.99 USD Hot Wheels car, not the premium or other lines
Detail – 1.5
Quality – 1.5
Presentation – 2
Value – 5

Hot Wheels Premium
Recognizing how popular their little die cast cars were with the collector community, Hot Wheels began releasing higher quality cars with more detail under the Hot Wheels Premium line. These took off with collectors as they offered detail closer to a model than a toy, while not rising to collector’s model prices. However, the reality is they can be hard to find on store shelves so you may end up paying $15-$20+ for a car that MSRP is less than $10 on.
Detail – 3
Quality – 3
Paint/Decals – 3
Presentation – 2
Value – 3
One could argue the value at MSRP should be a 4, but given how hard it can be to find a decent selection at MSRP in stores, I’ve settled on a 3.

Matchbox predate Hot Wheels by some 15 or so years, but never reached the heights that Hot Wheels did. Eventually they were bought by Mattel, the same company that owns Hot Wheels.
Detail – 1.5
Quality – 1.5
Paint Decals – 2
Presentation -1
Value – 4

Johnny Lightning
Debuting in 1969, Johnny Lighting was essentially a Hot Wheels copycat that launched one year later. The brand only survived a few years and by 1971 was completely gone. However the line was resurrected in 1994 when a collector discovered that no one owned the Johnny Lightning trademark any more. In 2004 it was sold and then sold again in 2016 to Round 2 Corp, who also own the Auto World brand and AMT (famous for American car scale model kits). Their cars tend to be similar in quality to Hot Wheels elite but with a heavily focus on American classics, muscle cars, and trucks.
Detail – 3
Quality – 3
Paint/Decals – 3
Presentation – 2
Value – 3

Auto World
Also owned by Round2 Corp. like Johnny Lightning, Auto World began as an evolution of the now defunct Ertl brand that specialized in die casts of American muscle cars. Today they make many 1:18 scale die casts using the old Ertl tooling while also developing new releases of their own. They also have 1:64 series that come on cardboard backing. The Auto World 1:64 cars are notable for their opening hood that shows off a reasonably detailed and accurate engine bay. They do not have front windows and many cars lack side mirrors at all.
Detail – 3
Quality – 3
Paint/Decals – 3
Presentation – 1
Value – 3

Producing mainly 1:64 and 1:18 scale die cast models, Greenlight focuses on a wide range of vehicles from race cars with the official Indycar license to American, European, and Japanese street cars. What makes them especially unique is their wide range of licenses movie and TV cars such as Elenore from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds to the station wagon from National Lampoon’s Family Vacation. Their products fit nicely into the same tier as Johnny Lightning, Auto World, and Hot Wheels Premium
Detail – 3
Quality – 3
Paint/Decals – 3
Presentation – 1
Value – 3

Sparky is a new brand from Spark Models, a long time mid to high end model producer from Macau. The company was known for it’s 1:43 models mostly, especially of Formula 1 cars and GT3 and Le Mans, which normally retail for around $100 USD. Sparky has been their attempt to break into the collectable 1:64 market at a competitive price point as most models retail for $14.99 USD. While that is nearly twice the price of a Johnny Lightning, Hot Wheels Premium, Auto World, or Greenlight car, Sparky sits more firmly in the collector’s model realm than those brands. Like the main Spark brand, Sparky’s sweet spot seems to be Le Mans and GT3 cars, though they do also offer a selection of road cars as well. What makes their models especially unique is that they come with a slanted black plastic display stand with text stating the car’s type, and if it was a race car, which race it’s from and the year. The car is attached to the stand not with a screw like most collector’s models, but with a simply knob hidden under the base that when turned 90 degrees, locks the car in place.
Detail – 5
Quality – 4
Paint/Decals – 4
Presentation – 4
Value – 4

Paragon Para64
Another established maker of 1:18 and 1:43 models trying their hand at 1:64 is Paragon with their 1:64 line. These are high quality models that come on a classy black plastic piano finish base with high quality acrylic cover for display and retail for $14.99 USD. The Paragon line is fairly limited in scope and like the 1:18 cars they make, heavy on BMWs and Mercedes though there are some interesting JDM offerings as well and a few race cars.
Detail – 5
Quality – 4
Paint/Decals – 4
Presentation – 5
Value – 5

True Scale Miniatures – Mini GT
The Mini GT line from established brand True Scale Miniatures in many ways bridges the gap from the more toy focuses collector’s market to the higher end model collector’s market. Their cars are heavy diecast with good detail but not quite on the level of some of the Hong Kong and Macau brands here. They come either in or with (depending on the car) cardboard storage boxes with the name and image of the car on it and retail for $15-$20 USD depending on the specific car.
Detail – 4
Quality – 4
Paint/Decals – 3
Presentation – 3
Value – 2

Era Myth Group – Era Car
A new entrant to the fray, Era’s 1:64 are especially unique as in addition to an opening hood which we’ve seen from some other brands, they also have opening driver and passenger doors which show off perhaps the best detailed 1:64 interiors out there. They also include detailed brake rotors and calipers which are rare on all but the most high end 1:64. They do this all for an MSRP ranging from $15-$20 though their product line is very limited at the moment.
Detail – 4
Quality – 4
Paint/Decals – 3
Presentation – 3
Value – 2

Tarmac Works
Tarmac works focuses on both race and road cars and positions their offerings as on the higher end of the 1:64 market. They are highly detailed and depending on the line come with a storage or display solution. Their highest end Hobby64 line cars come with a colorful base with description and clear acrylic cover, with their slightly lower priced Global64 line save a bit of money by including a cardboard storage box that looks like a shipping container rather than a plastic case. The Hobby64 line can range in MSRP from around $22-$40 USD depending on the car. The Global64 line is generally a flat $19.99 USD. The only difference between the two lines is in the presentation and display and pricing. The models themselves are of the same quality

Detail – 5
Quality – 5
Paint/Decals – 5
Presentation – 5
Value – 2

Detail – 5
Quality – 5
Paint/Decals – 5
Presentation – 3
Value – 3


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2022.01.22 15:32 FickleTheory7458 Just wanted to brag

Today is my 2 week anniversary of going to OTF. It wouldn’t be as exciting except that I went the fastest I’ve gone on the tread yet! Super proud of myself. I usually go between 3-3.5 and 4 for an all out if I’m feeling like I can but today I did 4.4 for the last all out.
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2022.01.22 15:32 BoobonicPlank Just called to DRS 10 more to my XXX. Brian was a great rep. HOT DAMN YALL, DRS IS THE WAY!

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2022.01.22 15:32 killua654 I married the man of my dreams....but he turned out to be my brother

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2022.01.22 15:32 Devildog883 [WTS] HS 512C, SIG Juliet 4x magnifier, Sightmark M Spec. [PA]

HS 512C excellent condition only 1 month old. Original box and all accessories $210.00. SIGHTMARK MSPEC good condition $120.00. Sig Juliet 4x magnifier $300.00 comes with original box and all accessories.
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2022.01.22 15:32 littleredrob Any advice about too faced plump and prime

After using it I had a few zits on my face and it almost seems like there’s kinda dark red spots showing up on my skin
I hear this primer is supposed to give you fuller cheeks but is that really true
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2022.01.22 15:32 PriorityDue3983 What was the criteria to unlock editing brands? Seemed to unlock after my last title, but certainly a few to go to get them all.... or have I missed an update?

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2022.01.22 15:32 OrganicGas4568 Weight gain

Is it common for some victims to gain weight after narc abuse?
I looked at the scale yesterday and it ruined my whole day. I ended up having a meltdown after meeting with a guy that night because I felt unattractive the whole time.
I’m slowly making changes to my diet and routine but ugh, it’s so fucking hard.
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