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2021.12.05 17:00 mziyad UAE Graduate - Internship / Job Hunting - Personal Experience - Tips & Tricks

Hey @dubai community,
Hope you all are well. Have been thinking of posting this for a long time seeing the frequent posts seeking advice for job hunts, graduate student prospects etc. I felt to hold on until I myself actually go through the entire process and be experienced enough to share genuine and credible knowledge on the matter. Now that its going to be almost one year since my graduation, I have quite a bit of information to share with the community that you may find helpful or helps you find peace with the reality and move on. It going to be a lengthy one, hence please bear with me. To the experienced professionals reading this, please feel free to correct me on the below. The graduates / students in UAE really needs your genuine support.
Tldr: My experience in job hunting, landing an internship, optimising job search, understanding recruitment culture, future prospects for graduate and students in the UAE. No wasta involved. Lengthy post, expect 15+ minutes to go through the entire thread.
I am structuring this posts as I am creating it, so bear with me if it appears disconnected with the flow in between. Also, keep in mind, my advise here would best suit students/graduates/ professionals with less than 2 years of experience.(Sadly all of them are majorly seen as one group in the UAE, regardless of your graduation date, minimum experience is expected)
Who am I? I feel I also need to give a short note on myself so that what ever I provide would be credible and realistic to present market and above said category. . I am a mechanical engineering graduate from a KHDA accredited university in Dubai. Graduated in December 2020. . Have considerable amount of volunteering experiences for various events, conferences. . Started researching and hunting for opportunities from my third year onwards. (early 2019) . Grabbed an internship at a fortune 500 MNC for 2 months, which was later on extended monthly basis (5 months) until they couldnt extend it further due to company policy. Roles revolved around tendering and sourcing for tunrkey power grids projects. . Got a similar role at a small company (7 employees), worked for one year before resigining.
So to start off, I would like to mention the best primary source & tool for job hunting for UAE students / graduates; LINKEDIN & KEYWORDS. Now dont get me wrong, linkedin is the best place to find existing opportunities. When it comes to submitting your application, its a different story. To explain it in better words, I categories jobs found on linkedin in three ways.
1) Linkedin Job Section, ones with easy apply: The function is simple, you create a standard linkedin profile, upload your resume, answer basic preliminary questions and quick apply. Now, since this task is as easy as it sounds, the number of applications sent for such jobs can also seen to be considerable. This is where linkedin filtering comes into play, check if the resume is ATS compliant, has all the keywords the recruiter is searching for. (keywords usually found in the body of the job post)
The recruiter will probably only go through the first 50 resumes that linkedin algorithm would have segregated. You will get notified if the recuiter viewed your application or downloaded your resume. I haven't been fortunate enough to go more than this level, hence cant comment further. I had taken linkedin premium subscription for a trial to see what difference it made in my applications. I could see the position of my application compared to the other applicants. Even though I was ranked in top 20 / 30 / 40 positions, the application did not go beyond just getting a view from the recruiter.
Furthermore, in the past three years (2019 - 2021), I havnt found relevant postings with in this category for mechanical / electrical / civil engineerings. Primarily its more of commercial / communication roles such as digimarketing, hr, admin, finance, software devops. (Internship + grad programs) Even then, I do go through those posts just to see if there are growth prospects with my degree to become an expert in commercial roles such as sales, busines devops.
2) Linked Job Section, once with out easy apply: This section is some what a chaotic one. There would be a mix of genuine, fake, outdated, multiple copies, unrealistic, not often but sometimes racist postings. My tip for job hunting in this section is to make use of the filter options and as previously mentioned keyword, as much as possible. I cannot stress the importance of using keywords during job hunting.
Slightly going off track to explain keywords in this context with a personal example. The keywords related to my background would be, mechanical, CAD, R&D, CFD, technical analysis, solidworks etc. As any graduate, you should filter your search using keywords such as graduate, junior, trainee, fresher, graduate program, intern, internship (for students), assistant etc.. I myself am experienced in supplychain, hence often use the keywords procurement, global sourcing, tendering, vendor registration, pre-qualification etc... during my job hunt. Also make sure to find such keywords relevant to your profile and from the job description to be included in your resume. This plays an eminent role in ranking high while being filtered by ATS.
Coming back to my main point, using keywords to filter job applications. Some more tips to filter:
. Filter "date posted" to either past day, past week, or maximum past month. Nothing beyond that is worth sitting to apply for. Its highly unlikely the recruiter would be still in search of a candidate even after one month. Not saying its impossible, its just highly unlikely.
. Sort posts by recent rather relevant. This will avoid missing some important job ads that might actually be relevant but for some reason linkedin decided it isnt.
. Avoid filtering by experience level. Some how, UAE market has managed by mess up this feature by adding postings with 5+ years of experience in entry level careers. What ever they smoke must be a good quality one. (No offence, just a random rage while thinking about the silly matter) Which means its important that you go through majority of the posts to understand prerequisites properly.
So once you filter your search using keywords & date posted, you will get a list of proper job ads which will help you narrow down potential job ads relevant to your field. For some reason, Linkedin updated their portal to only show ads that fits in 40 pages, and nothing more even though there would be pleanty left. Hence usuing multiple relevant keywords will help to avoid missing out on relevant job ads. For a person sitting full-time on job hunting will surely benefit from these tactics.
Now coming to the final part in this section, submitting your application. The job ads will either be:
2A) Linked directly to company website (Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, GE etc)
2B) Linked to 3rd party job boards (Naukari Gulf, Gulf Talent etc)
2C) Linked to recruitment agency website (Progressive GE, Blackpearl, Spark, Adecco)
2A) Its a good feature of linkedin to comiple all the job ads posted on company website in one place so that a person looking for job can easily spot and go directly to the application portal. Post 2020, I have seen most companies migrating to myworkday , while some remain on taleo, oracle, etc.. Hence its worth while to keep an account on such company career website, with all the clear details filled, documents uploaded and an updated resume. This makes it easier while applying for multiple roles in the same company. I also used to keep tabs to atleast 10 dream company career websites open and check them every week for potential roles. I am confident to say, from 2019-2021, I have not missed a single internship / graduate program opportunity application. Submitted all my applications with in one week of the job ads being posted. Pre-Covid times, I used to get shortlisted for interview, I even landed on an internship. Post 2019 / with the effect of pandemic things took a major twist. No shortlisting, no progress. Regardless, I would still encourage students and graduates to follow this pattern. However, there is an unfortunate realization on such ads / companies patterns in hiring people for internship / grad programs. Will explain in detail later.
2B) I personally have minimal experience depending on 3rd party job boards. But I acknowledge the fact that there are genuine job ads posted by recruiters / hr, who do not own their own career pages / have the budget for integrating a career portal. Not trying to degrade such companies. They do post promising and relevant jobs. But I have not come across any promising job posts relevant to a student for internships, or a graduate for entry level ops. As mentioned before, even junior level roles have unrealistic expectations.
One main advice I would like to provide here is that, if you spot an ad for an MNC(by seeing the company name, company policy at the end of the job ad), please avoid wasting your time creating and submitting your application on 3rd party website. I highly doubt that the application would genuinely reach the recruiter. Its best to always directly apply through career protals.
My personal experience is getting a call for internship in 2019 via gulf talent. Thats it. Not promising either. I hardly depended/invested time into these websites, so cannot i put more. By early 2021, when linkedin job hunt wasnt showing much progress, I did start using Naukarigulf to search for junior, graduate, entry level, fresher roles(despite having experience). I had also created a profile with my documents all uploaded. I get notifications that certain recruiter from xyz company viewed my profile, downloaded my resume. Got three calls so far:
1) Relestate company based in India, having a branch in Dubai, trying to hire me as a Business Development executive. Despite conveying I was a mechanical engineer and had no interest in the job, the guy was enthusiastic in persuading me to consider the job. I had to end the call abruptly. Simple google search on the company returned horrific employee experiences
2) A Digital Service Solutions porvider who offered 8K AED as a customer service rep to serve German clients. (I have A2 level German proficiency) Despite recieving the highest offer I have recieved post graduation, I had to decline, because I am sure it would only go downhill from there interms of my career progression.
2C) Recruitment Agency website: Internship is nill, graduate roles are pretty much exclusive to locals, junior / entry level roles comes once in a bluemoon. I wont dwell / lurke much in this area. I have not recieved any calls directly by applying for a job ad from such agency website. However, on registering my profile as an entry level graduate engineer in one such website, I recieved a call from their HQ in India, with a promising opportunity (according to them) to join as a sales executive for a popular online teaching platform for school students, NEET/JEE aspirants ect ...
This marks the end of 2nd category. Final category is the most promising and more reliable place on linkedin to search for jobs:
3) Linkedin Feed: This is where you should see relevant posts in terms of new recruitment, company plans, current affairs etc... Unfortunately, the platform had been infected with "influencer" propagandas which leads to a feed filled with reshared motivational posts, story about how a recruiter decided to hire a person with year gap, posts informing that some good is currently recruiting for GCC / CANAD / UK and urging applicants to comment interested so that their profile will be genuinely viewed and increase their chances on landing an opportunity.
A good way around spending time scrolling through irrelevant posts is to, again, you KEYWORDS. - Fresher Dubai - Internship Dubai - Junior Dubai - Entry-level Dubai - Graduate Dubai - 2 Year Experience Dubai - Dubai Hiring (Replace Dubai with relevant emirate name, but generally Dubai has the most number of posts)
Now, the search results may end up showing same posts over and over again by people who reshared it. As much as I appreciate their gesture in sharing such advertisements, it actually just spams the feed of job seekers with the same job ads. Its more than enough for the source to post the job ads and the rest to just comment for visibility. But for some reason, some one have go an extra mile and copy paste the same post for their connections to see, which has not become a social service trend.
Hence we have to try to narrow down to the posts as much as possible. Unfortunately, linkedin has messed up filtering posts using tools. Since the system is spammed with multiple posts, the search result will not be able to properly refine based on filters we add in, which may end up messing up the search mission. For example, we search a keyword and an unlimited number of posts returns as result. Filtering the posts which are less than a week old narrows down the posts. Now lets day there are 600 posts. If I apply the filter "most relevant" to "most recent" the number of posts some how magically comes down to less than a 100 posts.
Regardless, daily search in this method should provide with some leads / promising job opportunities.
Two trypes of people usually posts such job advertisements.
1) Company HR, hiring for their own company. When you find such posts, if the said company is relvant to your field of interest, it would be worth while to Follow that HR to keep an eye on future relevant posts. Usually, they primarily advise to send the resume via email, or connect with them via linkedin(rare).
Sending the application via email should be simple, Subject containing "Job Title" - "Name" - "Degree". Body Custom resume (1 page is preferred)
Followup culture is not appreciated as far as what I have experienced. Unless they reach out to you first, with in the first two weeks of sending out the application, you can easily slide off the application as rejected. I still dont know how the HR would sort through all the email applicants for a single role.
Personally, I have recieved a couple (4 or 5) feedbacks to discuss further via an interview (all in 2021). The good news is, the invites were relevant to my profile, specifically, some in construction industry, one from an automation control manufacturing industry, one for an O&G industry. The bad news is, none of them valued my previous experience of internships, offered below 3K even though I had mentioned that I had to come from Abu Dhabi. Their justification was that the offer was standard for entry level and there are candidates willing to take it as well. To which I had to politely decline and leave. Was it low balling? I am not sure, but I got to know by reaching out to the employees in that company that it is pretty much the conventional practise to restrict the budget to the least amount at that instant. In my case, I was competing with a graduate from my home country who happily accepted the offer.
2) Recruitment Consultancies: I have had most of my interview invite (10+ jobs in 2021) from such consultancies. Since I am settled in Abu Dhabi, my primiary focus was on consultancies who hire for roles based in AD. Just searching the keyword "hiring Abu Dhabi" gave in a lot of results. More importantly, I avoid wasting time spaming their inboxes, just because it never works. (used to do it before) I only apply for the jobs were their requirement aligned with my profile ie; 2 years of experience.
While I was actively looking for a job on a day to day basis, I would scan the results of keywords, find potential job ads, draft an email, a custom resume and schedule the email to be sent at 9 AM the following day. This way, I believe so, my emails would have come across the recruiter's attention first thing in the morning, at the same time, not so long since the job ad for the role had been released.
To give a small context on this industry, such recruitment agencies bid for manpower tenders published by their client, usually in bulk, but not always. Eitherway, the client allocates some budget for specific roles, the bidder with the best quote and profile gets selected to intake the candidates, take care of the hiring process and visa. In the end making the payroll, visa, and other manpower related liabilities under the recruitment agencies.
Very often, when a recruiter from such agencies post their job ad, they are usually on tendering stage, which means they had not been selected by their client to hire yet. Instead they just source for candidates and keep the potential candidate profile on standby. Once they recieve the green flag, you would be invited for the final interview. The whole process on an average takes 2 - 4 weeks. Generally, they donot reveal the name of the client in the job advert, rather they may mention the industry.
I have experienced only extreme ends in this category. The instance of worst one was when I had scheduled and sent out an application for the following day. I was at work and recieved a call at 9.05 AM, and straight out, without any intro, the person asked me if I had my degree to which I replied yes. Then he proceeded to ask if I have my valid visa. Being confused, I politely asked who was on the call, for all I know, it could be a scammer fooling me to get my personal info. He got angry and told me that he saw my email application and wanted to ask a few questions, and then told me this wont work out and was about to cut the call. It all happened abruptly. I excused him for a moment and asked him if there was any reason, to which he proceeded to ask about my visa situation. I told him I am currently under parents sponsored visa which is valid until so and so, and can be extended for over an year. With out any further questions, he said visa is a problem, you cannot work on that visa, you have to switch to a "mission visa", which I tried to negotiate the chance to work while continuing my student visa, but had no avail and ended the call. I opened my email and go to know who had actually contacted me. It was from a well reputed recruitment agency, the person seemed so professional on linkedin and all. I slightly dumbfounded to see the offline behavior.
Another two instances where with two different recruitment agency, recruiting for an Abu Dhabi Governemnt O&G company, persuading me to join as data entry / admin clerk in an offshore island. The job post asked for admin level experience, and stated that the role would be based in an offshore island. I was under the impression that it may as well be a stepping stone to my field of interest, at the same time get an exposure which cannot be attained in any other way. The negative side was that the interviewer belittled me saying that the job description might mention many technical stuff, but they just wanted a person as a clerk. Maximum they could compensate was 1500 AED with flight tickets to come country alternate 30 days (menaing I would pnly work for 6 months in a year) with paid leave. I mentioned that I have no use with thise tickets because my family is settled in the UAE. I was trying to negotiate for a higher salary with out the flight ticket compensation and over time. They (recruitment agency) probably might not have had the budget to extent their offer, which I could understand. But the fact that the professionals had the audacity to call me up and offer 1.5K per month with numerous responsibilities which was all packed under the job title of an offshore clerk, and thought that a revently graduated engineer would be a suitable candidate for the profile slighly numbed my mind.
On the otherhand, not all stories in this section is negative. I have also recieved promising offers from recruiters with a good amount of professionalism as well. Again, for the same O&G client in Abu Dhabi, who required an SAP admin for supply chain dept, I was approached by a recruiter in Abu Dhabi. The professional handled my application in such a generous way I had not experienced before. Infact, it was that person who explained the whole process of tendering and recruiting individuals for their respective clients in the UAE. He was very transparent of the process and gave me an overview of the prospects. Furthermore, he also mentioned that 2 weeks is the maximum feedback period for such roles, after that, there's very little chance to a progress in the application. I did not get through shortlisting. However, the gentleman recalled my application for another possible role in SCM and submitted to his client. The role was retracted later, but I cannot avoid admitting the consideration for my profile.
After August of 2021, I had reached a point where continuing in my current workplace wasn't promising interms of growth, nor was it anywhere related to my field of interest. Since work life was draining mentally, I couldnt muster to power to come back home and apply for alternate jobs. Also seeing the job market situation, especially in my case, I decided that I have to take a crucial decision to chase my career growth. I served my notice period and resigned my job to prepare and apply for Msc in Germany for Oct 2022 intake. I had some savings to self finance my education and at the same time will have ample time to find a temporary job before going to Germany.
Sept - Nov, I did not bother thinking about work, rather just passively scrolled through linkedin, this time only searching for keywords such as temporary, part time etc... to support my goal. 2 weeks back, as I was scrolling linkedin in the morning, I came across a job ad that was posted the previous day, for a role in SCM, requiring 2 years of experience and needed for only 6 months contract. The candidate had to hold their own visa valid during the contract period. No other information was provided. Since I checked all the marks, I sent the application and to my luck, the recruiter called me in the next 10 minutes, confirmed that they are submitting my profile to the client. I enquired about the client industry and was informed that it was a semi government comapny in the utility industry based in Abu Dhabi. I recieved a secondary interview call from their client, which also went well. Attending my final round interview tomorrow. Hope things goes well.
It also noteworthy to mention that its best to send in your application to such recruitment consultancies in word format, with a single page. What happens here is that, the recruiter chooses relevant information from your CV, put them on a custom CV template with their company letterhead, and then submit to the client. When the client reached out to me and sent me an online teams meeting invite, she had also input both the proper job description file which was a 3 page pdf I had not seen before, and the custome resume the recruitment agency had submitted.
This pretty much sums up my experience in job hunting and attending interviews as a fresher. Before concluding my post, I would like to share a few patterns in recruitments based in UAE which I found highly unfair and unethical. Unfortunately there isnt much to do about it, regardless I will share it so that some may find peace with it an move on.
1) To student & graduates of UAE, you are no more competing with entry levels graduating from UAE alone, but some how, the circle has extended to a global level. I am not talking about cheap labour immigrating into the country. Rather I have seen a good amount of western & other GCC university students being hired for graduate programs / internships in the UAE.
As I mentioned earlier, I used to closely follow opportunities in my dream companies, tracking every process, even if my applicatio does not get through, I try to find who got hired, and what I was lacking so I could perfect my skills / resume for the next try. How to do this? Again, linkedin search. Keyword: Graduate, Graduate Trainee, Early Career Trainee, Intern, Trainee and so on. Once you find the list of people, its only a matter of filtering by their current company to find the specific person. To my surprise, I found graduates from other GCC countries. Now recalling the job postings, the terms did specifically mention that the recruitment was exclusive to UAE university graduates. So what happened here? I dont know. Furthermore, I did find a company HR posting the photos of their current Graduate Program Trainees from ADIPEC, which were primiarily from outside.
This just degrades the value of studying in the country, paying hefty fees and finally to be persuaded to take a job that pays pennys. Not trying to defame UAE on this matter, but this bubble is bound to burst somwhere down the lane. Ensuring and regulating graduate hirings will only benefit the country positively. Infact, I believe it is one of the best source for the government to raise money by bringing in favourable policies / laws for UAE grads. But as far as my knowledge goes, the educational ministry of UAE lack interest in the area, hence the unsatisfactory ranking among the public services.
2) There is a clear preference for graduates from certain universities. Again a simple linkedin search and statistics would show where the current employees have acquired their degrees from. Hands down, I have to say, students of AUS have a good upperhand in this game.
To the school students who keep asking for advises on which university to choose, if you can afford the choice, and are just targetting to get into the UAE job market, its better to do you research on alumni of colleges in the UAE. Its 100 x more insightful than seeking advise on reddit in this matter.
3) My internship contract did not get extended due to a company policy, which was nothing other than committing to replace me with a local / emarati national. The HR was very transparent on the matter. This is inevitable, and we are prone to face this challenge one way or the other until we become skilled enough to become an asset to the company. I just couldnt see myself getting the chance to grow to an expert level, which is why I sought to pursue my Msc and grow in Germany.
4) Its a frequent advise given to students/graduates to gain network, reach out to the HR, make connections etc... but there is a different face to this process as well. The connections we make, the HR we reach out to, need not necessarily be interested in helping out. For instance, I had followed specific graduate programs at a company which was previously an affiliate to the MNC I did my internship with. There was a dedicated field in the application for me to input my company id and line manager details. The graduate program was for the same role as my internship. After submitting the application, I scanned linkedin to find the respective HR manager for the role. To my surprise, I found that the company had a dedicated univerauty recruitment HR, who had shared the news of intaking graduates. I sent a personalized invite and mentioning the details. Weeks passby and still no acceptance, on the other hand, her active involvement in linkedin was clearly visible. I felt that approaching through linkedin might habe been too informal, and decided to email her with the details. I got the email through one of her old posts. Months pass by and I did not receive any feedback. Later on the automated rejection email came. Trying to recover, I emailed the recruiter seeking advice / feedback on my application, to which I got a reply that I did not meet their minimum qualifications. To be better prepared for future postings, I sent a followup email asking for advice on which aspect I was lacking so I could improve it. That was the last correspondence. Applied for many other roles and the same role one yeat later, but was not fortunate enough to even get shortlisted.
5) As cliché it may sound, there's a timing for everything. Fate & luck has a good play in this game. Unless we have some magical force to manipulate the recruitment culture (wasta), we are bound to these aspects. Only possible option is to research on what's the best solution for your case in the current situation and work towards that.
If you have reached this far, I have nothing but hopes for you that this would have enlighten you / given you some useful tips in job hunting & recruitment culture in the UAE for grads. More some, this post might come off scary / disappointing, but thats also one of my intention im making this post. Its inevitable, only thing we can do is prepare for it and either plan a sustainable path in advance, change according to circumstances and move on.
Feel free to ask any questions, share any advice, personal experience in the comments. Let this thread be a guide for the youth in the community!
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2021.12.05 17:00 GREATPIXEL Animes like these

Animes similar to
•Platinum End •Tokyo Ghoul •Death note •Attack on titan
You get where I'm going with this?
I really don't like medieval/ anime set far in the past so I'd prefer if it wasn't but you can still give it a shot. Thank you
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2021.12.05 17:00 Better_Mastodon2256 How to make money on difference of price on different networks

How to make money on difference of price on different networks Hi guys!
I love making a fast buck, I want to share one idea with you.
I really respect Hashbon Rocket project - it is the first ever cross-chain DEX. The bottom line is that their HASH token is issued on two different networks (ERC-20 and BEP-20) and is sold on Pancakeswap and Uniswap.
The volume is still low, but the price on different networks may be different enough to be profitable.
Here's what I've been doing:
I go to Pancakeswap and buy 30.000 HASH

And then I sell it on Uniswap

Of course, you need to take commissions into account and the difference in rates. But I must say right away that this this method is most profitable when large sums are involved.
Don't thank)
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Making a long drive and would like to get food and drink ahead of time. Anyone meeting up?
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Getting back in the gym and looking for some extra help motivating!
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The bun is FM and Max level. I would also wanna do a MM/MW This is my first time making a post here.
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English: lamp

  1. a thin plate or lamina
  2. a light-producing vessel, instrument or apparatus
  3. especially, a vessel with a wick used for the combustion of oil or other inflammable liquid, for the purpose of producing artificial light
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