I made a video.

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2021.12.05 17:32 I_like_bread_51 I made a video.

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2021.12.05 17:32 buckeyeguyy Can I play Phasmophobia in VR with these specs?

I'm thinking about getting a VR headset primarily to be able to play Phasmophobia. Here is the laptop I have: https://www.walmart.com/ip/EVOO-Gaming-15-6-Laptop-FHD-60Hz-Intel-Core-i5-10300H-Processor-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1650-THX-Spatial-Audio-256GB-SSD-8GB-RAM-RGB-Backlit-Keyboard-HD-C/915598119?comm-msg-vehicle=EMAIL&comm-msg-id=e2b6d628-bd76-4b48-8305-a4f36e0fc79e

I've been looking at getting the Oculus Quest 2. Would I be able to play Phasmophobia in VR with these specs and that headset? Even if it's on super low graphic settings I would be fine with that.
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2021.12.05 17:32 scorbunnyvllgr (oc) A huge commission I have been working on the last week for a dnd campaign. Vespa is a little faerie dragon and Ezryn Nirym a transmutation wizard, together they dedicate their time to search and investigate magical objects.✨

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2021.12.05 17:32 JumpFrom10thFloor Ju prezantoj, Shabanin!

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2021.12.05 17:32 Queen_Emmers I got accepted into the High School Honors Perfomance Band after submitting my audition recording at the end of September. I'll be going to Vienna from July 28th to August 2nd!

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2021.12.05 17:32 cybermonkey1243 A debate about foie gras

Hello, I've been having a discussion about animal cruelty and moral utilitarianism. The discussion is on whether the torture of an animal matters if you are going to kill it. Assuming there is no afterlife, does pain before or during death matter when evaluating harm/good? At what scale of time do we measure harm/good? In that moment there is clearly harm being done, but is does that harm still exist after not only the pain is gone, but the trauma too, as in death? If not, does any suffering matter if we all die anyways? I hope for some guidance. Thank you.
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2021.12.05 17:32 FlamingNinja925 New Meme Template?

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2021.12.05 17:32 HighestCommonFactor [Round 104034] Coordinates of the bridge please

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2021.12.05 17:32 MwahMwahKitteh Stalker kills woman with no legal recourse to protect herself at the time

At the time, criminally enforceable restraining orders were only granted for people who were related to or dating their alleged stalkers. Because Berfield never had a relationship with Caruso, that option was not available to her.
Law was only changed after ten years of fighting for it, fairly recently in 2010...
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2021.12.05 17:32 EtherVirtualMachine The ENS Foundation

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2021.12.05 17:32 biasedintersection need advice. tired of being used as a backup guy.

a girl i was really in love with lost her v with me. we a had a great time and it was loving, but afterwards, it became obvious to me that she was thinking about some other dude that she really wanted to lose it with.
I wrote this on trueoffmychest a couple days before this incident, because I thought I was over it. ("it" being a constant "chadlite" position) people said i was lying but, this is the truth. i don't know how to deal, so any advice would be helpful:

a couple years ago i came to the realization that i have basically been a metaphysical and literal shoulder to cry on for literally hundreds of women. im a lover boy, light hearted, and ive travelled the world. i make good love. i love to make love, im non-judgmental... most of my life ive been polyamarous. however, i soon realized my feminist upbringing/conditioning had blinded me from a lot of the harsh realities. i remember "testing" a lot of the theories that are now, unfortunately, so hard to find on the internet; all of them were true. the worst theories out there, true, true, true. that is why its so hard to find, and i don't really want to talk about them. i realized that i should stop expecting that people need to follow what they preach. i realized that some wounds will never heal; people CAN live relatively healthy lives with diabetes and cancer and such, same goes for heartbreaks. i realized that not only does much of our "economy" is fueled by historical collective trauma, it is also fueled by vicarious traumatization too. i realized that, anyone that i fall in love with today, will never be able to shake off the memories of someone they will inevitably compare me to, someone that ultimately i wouldn't be able to measure up against. if you get serious in these relationships, you WILL be the one to pay for her past discretions. one day or another. the American psychological association is against YOU. the whole of society is propagandized to hide us from these truths. they censor the truth and they platform strawman versions of what they disagree with. ***WAITING FOR THE NEW MATRIX MOVIE TO DO THIS SO HARD**** All for what? All to protect their own inability to take up responsibility for their own complicity in a much larger system of oppression than they cannot even begin to imagine. don't believe me? try searching "critiques of feminist jurisprudence" on google. how can an academic subject not be critiqued? not even from within? so i personally don't do this now. it's "too much emotional labor" to continue to be polyamarous. but my advice for you younger dudes, who are growing up in a much worse situation than I; you will be expected to pay for all of Trump's puxxy grabbing. just spin plates. unless you are incredibly lucky, for the most part, commitment is not a possibility today. doesn't matter how much of a chad you are today, tomorrow you will not be a chad. there is no sense of social responsibility anymore. everything is contingent. so just embrace it. the morality of this world is made by chads and enforced by feminists. <3
Truth is, I don't like spinning plates but I feel like I have no choice. I've always just been a lover boi but when I go all out on love they always think they can "do better".
what is this world we live in? everyone I show authentic love to thinks they can do better lol.
im lisning to radiohead now :(
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2021.12.05 17:32 Kittycatttmattt I tried out a different shading method in this. How does it look?

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2021.12.05 17:32 LeastCriticism5781 Advice needed

Hello so I’m new to this. Everything I know is either self taught or just in me. I do need some help and guidance but living in the Bible Belt (south Carolina) it’s hard to find like minded people. I’ve had a roommate since January almost a year now. He’s a very mean alcoholic and his wife and children have left him…hence roommate situation. He has done cruel things to me and his friends. That’s a book! I’ve reached my limit and the way he yells and carries on has caused my anxiety to almost panic mode. I am moving after holidays. I came across a realization spell I felt connected to for him. This was over weekend. The first night (Friday) his face was twitching and he was stuttering his words enough where I had a friend call. He said he was just tired. He’s been very calm since. It’s now Sunday and he gets home. He went to church! This man has never gone or mentioned the word church. So I may be looking into something bc I want it to be true but the other side says the spell has worked which is immediately what I’m drawn to. Can anyone help explain this to me? I’m open to anything. I’ll post the spell below. Ty!
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2021.12.05 17:32 lil_extro_vert_ It’s a quiet Sunday in Sixers land and I’m bored. Lets get nostalgic: what are some of your favorite Sixers moments of the last 5 years?

Can be anything- game event, a trade, offseason memes, anything. I’ll list a few:

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2021.12.05 17:32 demirsakal UPFUND TOKEN-Unified Investment Protocol💰$UPT- DeFi Next Generation technology with AI back-end Technology! Low Cap Gem💎

Super SAFU! Launched 4 December 8PM UTC

$UPT is the future of decentralized group fund investment. We are very far from shitcoin tier! Our project aims to put an end to scammers on the BSC!
Our use case aims to incubate high potential projects in binance, to support them on their fist steps, through consultation, financial support, etc. until they reach a stage to manage autonomously. 🚀


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✅ Audited contract
✅ KYCed Team

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2021.12.05 17:32 Fantastic_View6832 Does a6400 have autofocus in 120 fps ?

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2021.12.05 17:32 bbqnc Has Verizon coverage/quality taken a nosedive?

We've stuck with Verizon religiously for many years..fantastic coverage - everywhere... But in the last year or so it seems coverage and quality of connectionbhad dropped off drastically. All over Raleigh we get poor signal or signal looks ok but no data flows. Frequent call drops when stationary.
Have others has this experience? Does anyone have good alternatives?
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2021.12.05 17:32 sophiearora [Academic] Return to office trend survey

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2021.12.05 17:32 throwawaylastnight21 Feel you

I felt you this morning when I woke up. The dog barking stirred me, and I reached for you, like I always do, and I felt you. I didn’t move for a few minutes, and during that time the feeling faded. You were gone. Am I going mad?
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2021.12.05 17:32 Chrmtcpeacock My proposal for the first steps at fixing smite healing.

My vision:
I am a healer through and through. I play mostly healers in most of the games I play including smite. But just because I love a mechanic doesn't mean I'm oblivious to it when it is toxic to the game as a whole.
Healing, in its current state in Smite, is an unhealthy lethal and unfun mechanic in smite. The idea the developers had was a high risk high reward system but ultimately just creates incredibly potent gods that can dish out a lot of damage and heal just as much.
Most healers, myself included, know that when we choose to heal we can not have our cake and eat it too. When you choose a healer in most other games you generally understand that you are sacrificing both damage and defenses to play as a healer. In smite this is not the case. Since Healing is based off of Power scaling it causes mages warriors and guardians to be able to play the Healing playstyle while at the same time being able to keep the playstyle of the gods role, whether that being a damage dealer or a tank. If this stays in the game the way it is it will continue to be both toxic and unfun to play against.
Healing is also one of the few mechanics that receives the least amount of updates or changes when it comes to items. Most Healing items only providing either a flat increase to Healing or a small buff when you are healed.
My proposal is a whole new system that could be implemented into smite in stages. Gods and Goddesses I present to you the idea of a brand new stat: Healing Power. Although adding a whole new stat in smite could pose a lot of challenges for the development team at Hi Rez I truly believe that this stat could bring in a lot of potential for healers, being able to more easily balance Healing gods in the game and bring a myriad of unique Passives and playstyles to the game that could introduce a new type of support player to come into the game. An actual Healing support class. And an avenue to bring more God kits that are more focused around a Healing mechanic.
Here I have made three item trees with seven items each for each type of healer. Each of the completed items has a unique Passive based purely around the Healing skill of each god. This being said, only gods who are considered healers may be able to see and purchase these items from the fountain. Since the stats and Passive would ultimately be useless to any other God.
One thing to take note is that no stat on any item goes above 60. This includes the Healing Power stat itself. For the regular stats this is because the items should still have beneficial stats for the God they are intended for but are very reduced, effectively cutting any DPS or Mitigations that the God could receive. The Healing stat isn't very high for another reason. Most Healing will come from item Passive and would encourage building healer items only for mixing items and playing hybrid could severely handicap a gods capability to provide effective healing.
On top of that, only official healers will be able to build any of these items. Non healers may be able to see the items in the shop but they won't be able to purchase them a lot like how berserker shield is blocked from hunters.
Smite healing trees.
Offensive/Burst Healing (Magical)
(Tier 1) Harp:
5 Magical Power
10 Healing Power
50 Mana
Left Path
(Tier 2) Gilded Harp:
15 Magical Power
30 Healing Power
200 Mana
(Tier 3) Harp of Brigid:
30 Magical Power
60 Healing Power
350 Mana
10% Cooldown Reduction
Passive: Each time you heal an ally they gain a stack of "Spring Rejuvenation" These stacks last 15 seconds. Once an ally reaches 5 stacks the stacks are consumed and heal over time for 5 seconds for 100% of your Healing power. After your ally is healed from "Spring Rejuvenation" they gain a debuff "Falls Decay" where they can not receive any stacks. This debuff lasts 20 seconds.
(Tier 3) Thalia's Divine Harp:
20 Magical Power
50 Healing Power
300 Mana
Passive: For every 10% of missing Mana you gain 5% increased outgoing healing. If you fall below 30% Mana you gain 25 MP5.
Right Path
(Tier 2) Darkwood Lute:
20 Magical Power
20 Healing Power
150 Mana
(Tier 3) Baron's Banjo:
40 Magical Power
25 Healing Power
200 Health
Passive: Each time you heal an ally you sacrifice 2% of your health to each ally who is healed for 150% of the sacrificed health.
(Tier 3) Uzume-No-Mikotos Prized Pipa
30 Magical Power
40 Healing Power
10% CCR
Passive: When you heal an ally you place a buff of them, "Uzumes Mirth" for 10 seconds, if they are hit with a hard CC they are healed after a short delay for 100% of your Healing power and gain 10% CCR for 5 seconds. This can only affect them once every 40 seconds.
Offensive/Burst Healing (Physical)
(Tier 1) Bracelet:
10 Healing Power
100 Health
Left Path
(Tier 2) Glittering Bracelet:
5 Physical Power
20 Healing Power
200 Health
(Tier 3) Esets Blessing:
20 Physical Power
40 Healing Power
400 Health
Aura: You reduce all healing you receive by 5% within 30 units. Every 45 seconds you release a Shockwave of Energy Healing all allies for 100% of the Healing that was reduced within a 40 unit radius. This affects lifesteal.
(Tier 3) Wristlet of Komohoali'i's Teeth
20 Physical Power
60 Healing Power
10% Cooldown Reduction
Passive: When you heal an allied God you release a Shockwave that damages enemies for 50% of your Healing power as physical damage in a 30 unit radius. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.
Right Path
(Tier 2) Gilded Bracer:
10 Physical Power
15 Healing Power
200 Mana
(Tier 3) Achilles Shoulder Guard:
20 Physical Power
20 Physical Protections
50 Healing Power
Passive: Each time you heal yourself or an ally you gain 5 Physical Power and 5 Physical Protection up to four stacks for 10 seconds.
(Tier 3) Blessed Pauldrons
30 Physical Power
20 Magical Protections
30 Healing Power
10% Cooldown Reduction
Passive: Each time you are damaged by a Magical ability you gain a stack of 2% increased Healing up to 5 stacks that last for 2 seconds which are consumed on your next Healing ability. This does not affect lifesteal.
Denfensive/ Utility (Both)
(Tier 1) Tiara:
5 Healing Power
150 Health
150 Mana
Left Path (Magical Defense)
(Tier 2) Lady's Crown:
10 Magical Protections
15 Healing Power
7% Cooldown Reduction
200 Mana
(Tier 3) Yemoja's Dhuku
30 Magical Protections
40 Healing Power
10% Cooldown Reduction
300 Mana
Passive: When you heal an ally you gain a shield equal to 3% of the Healing after antiheal.
(Tier 3) Aphrodites Pearl:
40 Magical Protections
40 Healing Power
400 Mana
Passive: You gain 3% increased Healing for each enemy God within 30 units of yourself up to 3 stacks. Your Healing abilities increase allied movement speed by 10% for 3 seconds.
Right Path (Physical Defense)
(Tier 2) Lord's Crown:
10 Physical Protections
20 Healing Power
200 Health
7% CCR
(Tier 3) Circlet of the Forest:
30 Physical Protections
40 Healing Power
300 Health
Passive: When you heal an ally with a Healing ability they gain a buff, "Oakflesh". This buff increases each Protection by 10 and reduces critical strike damage by 15% (This does not affect Olorun passive.) The buff lasts for 5 seconds.
(Tier 3) High Imperial Tiara:
20 Physical Protections
60 Healing Power
10% Cooldown Reduction
10% CCR
Passive: When you heal an ally your non ultimate abilities are reduced by .5 seconds and they become immune to slows for 1 seconds. If you heal an ally for more than 500 Health in a single ability they gain 10% damage mitigation for 3 seconds.
I understand that some of these are could potentially be exploited and op but this wouldn't be the first time something would be exploited in smite. I believe that keeping most of the states low will incentivise players who are healers to only build the Healing items. But I am not a game designer so I'm not going to pretend my option is the best option because I simply don't know that. But I have faith in this system.
Yes, this will change the meta and the game around it. People will have to adjust their playstyles around this whole new mechanic, since it's essentially adding a new class to the game and I realize the problems that this could bring in. But this wouldn't be the first time the Hi Rez team have taken on a large problem and change. When the starter items came into the game they absolutely shook the game in crazy ways but they were able to develop the game around it and they could do the same thing for this new mechanic.
This only the first step towards a better change for healing. This whole system isn't a silver bullet it's simple the beginning of a bunch of changes that needs to come to Healing mechanic as a whole to the game.
I still feel like the stats are still a little too high on the items but I think they should start strong then be toned down rather than being completely useless, then being toned up and sticking in the meta for much longer.
Thank you so much for reading this all the way through!
I'm always open to listen to community feedback and criticism. I feel like together we could bring healers into a place that would be fun, rewarding, and unique.
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2021.12.05 17:32 ComedianOpen7324 Fallout Sunshine | V&D PNP Campaign | Episode 84 | Split The Party

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2021.12.05 17:32 AdSuch1273 Bişi sorcam

Saç dökülmesine karşı bişi yapabilioz mu, genetik olarak skntı yok ama bende baya dökülmeye başladı korkuom beyazlaşıo ztn yavaşca 17 yaşındayım aq
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Elon shout out! https://postimg.cc/Vddf2zKD
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2021.12.05 17:32 ProudPakistaniboy Barbaroslar Akdeniz'in Kılıcı 12. Bölüm Fragmanı

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2021.12.05 17:32 jackdavidson469 [HIRE ME] QUALITY ACADEMIC/ESSAY WRITING SERVICES AND HOMEWORK HELP. contact me via email: jackdavidson469@gmail.com or Discord: Marxliam#5983

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