Raccoon pendant,Silver,Cloisonne enamel,Mother of pearl flower,Opal,Handmade,Author-Samkao,2021

2021.12.05 17:26 Samkao_enamel Raccoon pendant,Silver,Cloisonne enamel,Mother of pearl flower,Opal,Handmade,Author-Samkao,2021

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2021.12.05 17:26 Apprehensive-Ebb7647 I want 2 chvrches songs in horizon 6 as compensation!

While horizon 5's soundtrack is great, I miss them already :(
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2021.12.05 17:26 MrJaynes Non-English fans when Crofty says: “things getting a bit niggly.”.

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2021.12.05 17:26 tkc5869 🚀 SonOfFloki|🏆Already 4x| ✅ FLOKI rewards| 🚀 10% buy/sell tax| 🏆Big calls coming

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2021.12.05 17:26 meNoLuck Officer Floki | Next Big Hype Token |Huge Marketing Budget | Earn BNB Rewards! | Audit | Passive income on every transaction | Launching on 02:00 UTC

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🟣Officer Floki has also implemented a tax of 2% on EACH BUY & 4% on EACH SELL transaction to be added back into the LIQUIDITY POOL. This will provide us a stronger floor and give a bigger incentive to hold.
✅Our audit will be completed in the upcoming week.
BUY tax 9%
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👮🏻‍♂️Some individuals don't know the difference between good or bad. Officer FLOKI is your new favourite meme cryptocurrency and he will bring JUSTICE where justice is needed! Officer FLOKI is a new member of the FLOKI movement and he wants to ensure that there are no actions that could affect our community in a negative way. In case of actions that are not allowed Officer Floki will have to take any necessary measures to return the situation back to its normal state. Officer Floki is best described as a GOOD COP in this ruthless crypto world. He strives for justice and fairness and will settle for nothing less and he is motivated more than ever to suppress anything that stands in his way.👮🏻‍♂️
🔹WEBSITE www.officerfloki.com
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🔹TELEGRAM https://t.me/OfficerFLOKI
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2021.12.05 17:26 LilToeneighl Exhaust backfire

Hello everyone, I have an 87 mr2 aw11 that I just got and wanted to start by getting some lovely pops and bangs when I shift and decel. I read that this can be done by retarding the ignition timing but wasn't sure how to do this and if this information was accurate. Let me know what would work best
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2021.12.05 17:26 Lendmeyoursynergy Has anyone beat the raid boss known as the Gowther squad in PvP?

Still haven’t won lmao I think the only counter is Fes Gowther himself with a very powerful dps or ult Maybe Zeldris if you have a built out AM team
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2021.12.05 17:26 ThatCaviarIsAGarnish Some of the goodies from yesterday's shopping trip (will post names of items in the comments)

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2021.12.05 17:26 opiate_me Why aren’t partial opioid agonists used more?

I’m not asking a specific question about my health, but I really would like to hear the opinion of doctors/medical professionals. I’m just very curious why we don’t use partial opioid agonists for chronic pain or as a first resort for acute pain? Partial agonists do not carry the same overdose risks and are generally far less addictive due to having a ceiling effect. I understand why the most severe pain would require a full agonist to cover their pain, but for a lot of things that’s way overkill. Why do we let chronic pain patients suffer without anything when they could be given a low dose of buprenorphine to take as needed? Why is buprenorphine also the only marketed partial agonist? Anecdotally I think the alkaloid mitragynine from Mitragyna speciosa would be a perfect over the counter replacement for codeine. This makes me seriously question why there are not more partial agonists on the market. There are way better options for partial agonists for pain than buprenorphine without the insane half-life, so why are none marketed?
PS, I am a 30 year old male, I am 200lbs, 6 feet tall, Caucasian. This is completely irrelevant to my general question but automod insists.
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2021.12.05 17:26 Reddazrael Character Voice Clip Translations

Character Voice Clip Translations As a general rule, I enjoy understanding the things that people say to me. Therefore I wasted used some of my spare time over the last week or so to see if I could translate what some of the characters are saying. Unfortunately, I don't speak a lick of Japanese, so this required some finagling with a bunch of different machine translation software and a few dictionaries. Here is the result.
Disclaimer: There less than a 1% chance that this is all entirely correct. If there's an error, forgive me. I did this for fun. However, I think it's probably as accurate as it could be, and enough to understand most of what's being said.
Characters Translated
  • Aizen: 6th Anniversary
  • Halibel: Cacao Society
  • Halibel: Japanese Parasol
  • Hikone: CFYOW Truths
  • Ichigo: Artworks
  • Ichigo: Desert Society
  • Kisuke: SAFWY Untold Stories
  • Kisuke: Fierce Battle
  • Kisuke: The Past (Speed)
  • Kisuke: Movie 3
  • Retsu: Swimsuit 2021
  • Stark: CFYOW
  • Ulquiorra: 3rd Anniversary
  • Yoruichi: Fierce Battle

[Start of Level]
  • ゆくぞ。
  • Yuku zo.
  • Let's go.
  • 無駄だ。
  • Mudada.
  • It's pointless.
  • 逃がしはしないよ。
  • Nigashi wa shinai yo.
  • I won't let you get away.
  • 何が見える?
  • Nani ga mieru?
  • What do you see?
[End of Level]
  • 理解できたかな?
  • Rikai dekita ka na?
  • Do you understand?

[Start of Level]
  • 存分に味わうといい。
  • Zonbun ni ajiwau to ī.
  • Savour it to the fullest.
  • 甘いな。
  • Amai na.
  • It's sweet.
  • 沈め。
  • Shizume.
  • Sink.
  • 気に入ったか?
  • Kiniitta ka?
  • Did you like it?
[End of Level]
  • 全てはカカオソサエティのため。
  • Subete wa Cacao Society no tame.
  • Everything is for the Cacao Society.
[Start of Level]
  • 決着をつけよう。
  • Ketchaku o tsukeyou.
  • Let's settle this.
  • 飲まれろ。
  • Noma rero.
  • Drink up.
  • 濡れるぞ。
  • Nureru zo.
  • It's going to get wet.
  • 静かに眠れ。
  • Shizuka ni nemure.
  • Sleep quietly.
[End of Level]
  • あっけないものだな。
  • Akkenai monoda na.
  • It's a shame.
[Start of Level]
  • 始末しますね。
  • Shimatsu shimasu ne.
  • I'll get rid of it.
  • 手ごたえがありました!
  • Tegotae ga arimashita!
  • There was a response!
  • 無理だと思います。
  • Murida to omoimasu.
  • I think it's impossible.
  • 面白いですね。
  • Omoshiroidesu ne.
  • It's interesting.
[End of Level]
  • お休みになっていてください。
  • O yasumi ni natte ite kudasai.
  • Please take a rest.
[Start of Level]
  • 俺が助ける。
  • Ore ga tasukeru.
  • I'll help.
  • セロ
  • Cero.
  • Cero.
  • 逃がさねえ。
  • Nigasanē.
  • You're not getting away.
  • 倒す。
  • Taosu.
  • Knock them down.
[End of Level]
  • 墓地か?
  • Bochi ka?
  • Is it a graveyard?
    • This took me literal days to figure out, and while I'm still not sure I'm correct, this is the best I could get. If anyone has a better translation, let me know.
Desert Ichigo is equally ready to offer either comfort or a flamethrower to the face, the duality of man. Also he says a swear.
[Start of Level]
  • 行くぞ。
  • Iku zo.
  • Let's go.
  • 行け!
  • Ike!
  • Go!
  • 心配いらねーよ。
  • Shinpai iranēyo.
  • Don't worry.
  • もう野郎!
  • Mō yarō!
  • You son of a bitch!
[End of Level]
  • もう大丈夫だ。
  • Mō daijōbuda.
  • You're safe now.
SAFWY Kisuke is not fucking around and his voice is disturbingly calm as he informs you that there is no escaping him. Like literally the progression of his lines from [Start -> SA1 -> SA2 -> SA3 -> End] is him coldly, remorselessly, inexorably stalking and then slaughtering his opponents.
[Start of Level]
  • 終わらせましょう。
  • Owara semashou.
  • Let's finish it.
  • どこ行くんすか。
  • Doko iku n su ka.
  • Where are you going?
  • 逃がしませんよ。
  • Nigashimasen yo.
  • I won't let you escape.
  • 捕まえた.
  • Tsukamaeta.
  • Captured.
[End of Level]
  • これがあなたの運命ってことっす。
  • Kore ga anata no unmei tte kotossu.
  • This is your fate.
His lines aren't very expansive, but based on what he does say he's very clearly not concerned about whether he'll kick your ass. The fact that he can and will is just a given.
[Start of Level]
  • 遅くなりました。
  • Osoku narimashita.
  • Sorry I'm late.
  • さて。
  • Sate.
  • Now.
  • まだす。
  • Mada su.
  • Not yet.
  • はいな。
  • Hai na.
  • Yes.
[End of Level]
  • 当然のことす。
  • Tōzen no koto su.
  • Naturally.
All of his dialogue is just him re-enacting the Turn Back the Pendulum arc's Hollowfication scene, which means he spends most of his time calling Aizen out on his bullshit and I respect that.
[Start of Level]
  • ちょっと行ってきます。
  • Chotto ittekimasu.
  • I'm going out for a while.
  • 白状すれ。
  • Hakujō sure.
  • Just confess.
  • つくづくお前.
  • Tsukudzuku omae.
  • You're crazy.
[End of Level]
  • あんなにかまってあげてたのに。
  • An'nani kamatte age tetanoni.
  • I've been quite a bother to you.
[Start of Level]
  • 始めましょうか?
  • Hajimemashou ka?
  • Shall we start?
  • 啼け、紅姫。
  • Nake, Benihime!
  • Scream, Benihime!
  • 無理矢理にでも。
  • Muriyari ni demo.
  • Forcibly.
  • 急いだほうがいいですね。
  • Isoida hō ga īdesu ne.
  • You should hurry.
[End of Level]
  • なんとか片付いたようですね。
  • Nantoka katadzuita yōdesu ne.
  • It looks like it's been cleaned up.
[Start of Level]
  • 支度ができましたか?
  • Shitaku ga dekimashita ka?
  • Are you ready to go?
  • 行きますよ。
  • Ikimasu yo.
  • I'll go.
  • どうしました?
  • Dō shimashita?
  • What's wrong?
  • [No dialogue for this attack]
[End of Level]
  • 夏はまだ終わっていませんよ。
  • Natsu wa mada owatte imasen yo.
  • Summer isn't over yet.
SHINJI: SPIRIT SOCIETY https://preview.redd.it/nbx98jle6s381.png?width=400&format=png&auto=webp&s=2cc1ac5bc61dd583614a4e2ff425c68d54d8e9e7
[Start of Level]
  • やるしかねえか?
  • Yaru shikanē ka?
  • Can't you do it?
  • 怪我するぜ。
  • Kega suru ze.
  • You're gonna get hurt.
  • 動くなよ。
  • Ugoku na yo.
  • Don't move.
  • 逃がさない。
  • Nigasanai.
  • You can't escape.
[End of Level]
  • 勝負当たる。
  • Shōbu ataru.
  • I win the game.
Not going to lie, Ulquiorra's dialogue is kind of hilarious. I'm pretty sure that by 'lukewarm' he means 'apathetic' or 'indifferent' or the like, but literally any other synonym would have been better than LUKEWARM because as things stand I can only assume he's complaining about tea that was left out too long before he took a sip. Is this some kind of Japanese colloquialism I'm missing?
[Start of Level]
  • 行くぞ。
  • Iku zo.
  • Let's go.
  • ぬるいな。
  • Nurui na.
  • It's lukewarm.
  • 見せてやろう。
  • Misete yarou.
  • I'll show you.
  • これが力だ。
  • Korega chikarada.
  • This is power.
[End of Level]
  • 死すら生ぬるいと知れ。
  • Shi sura namanurui to shire.
  • Know that even death is only lukewarm.
[Start of Level]
  • 行くぞ。
  • Iku zo.
  • Let's go.

  • 逃げる気か?
  • Nigeru ki ka?
  • Are you running away?

[End of Level]
  • 案ずるな。
  • Anzuruna.
  • Don't worry.

Things I have learned:
  • Microsoft Translate is pretty good at transcription, but really shitty at translation.
  • Google Translate is really shitty at transcription, but pretty good at translation.
  • Shinji exists to freak out machine translation software.
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2021.12.05 17:26 Stonks_2themoon I hold my Safemoon om BitMart

So I purchased SafeMoon on BitMart in April and has just left it there. I just got to know about the BitMart hack and I was wondering if there is any way to check if I am affected?
Did all BitMart users get affected or just some?
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2021.12.05 17:26 Fair_Ask670 Nr 5373 - The Beatles - Twist And Shout

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2021.12.05 17:26 teamspaceman Charistmatic by Minutes and Ours - You might dig?

shameless plug? anyone care to give feedback? thanks if so!
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2021.12.05 17:26 Pure_Huckleberry4235 What mods should I try?

Link below
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2021.12.05 17:26 srVITUI Infinite queu Ps4

Hi can some one can tell me how i can solve the infinite queu ?? I've had this problem for 3months and they havent gave me any response :( Can someone help me? Im a little bit dissaponted ive siendo moneda on it... what is happening??
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2021.12.05 17:26 J0RDVN_RH0N3 [HELP] [DS3] [PS4] [DSA]

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2021.12.05 17:26 cantaloupgirlfriend Wanted to share with you our standard “polygamy” response to investigators

This was our standard answer in our mission for polygamy: yes we did practice polygamy in the early days. However it wasn’t polygamy in the true sense of the word. Rather, it was a labor of love. Many of the mormon men with families were called away to serve in the Mexican-American War and many of them died in combat leaving behind widows and children with no one to care for them. So many of the mormon men in an act of charity and compassion took upon them the responsibility of these families without a father or man of the house to care for them. And the wives of these men were grateful to bring in these less-fortunate women and families. It was truly a labor of love. It didn’t have anything to do with sexual impropriety as some would suggest. Eventually it was done away with as there wasn’t a need for it several years later. Isn’t interesting how things get misconstrued by those who would thwart the will of the Lord. (Years later I would discover that no men died in combat, because there was none. As a matter of fact approx. 20 men died from accidents or diseases and they were only gone for a year. The whole explanation that I memorized, taught to me by my “trainer” was all bullshit.) Did any of you have any watered down answers to difficult questions?
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2021.12.05 17:26 FearlessRiott family drama

to me its so weird watching Harrison growing up. it feels like im at a family get together and just watching Dexter and Harrison bumping heads lol
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