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ueueiieieieieie uwueiskjsjdjsjjdjdkdkkdkdkdkkdkdkdkdkdkdkkdkdkdkks
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2021.12.06 00:37 m_stone42 [WTB][WTT] DUNKS SZ 12/13

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2021.12.06 00:37 Picopede Who's The Invisible Enemy? (Hint: It's not a glitch!) 😁

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2021.12.06 00:37 Mmaxum YOOOOOO ITS BAIKEN

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2021.12.06 00:37 AnonHistoricalFigure r/MBA's culture is synonymous with r/LawSchoolAdmissions. Should there be an r/MBA equivalent to r/OutsideT14lawschools?

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2021.12.06 00:37 Delicious-Biscotti12 The greatest chance to not have to work again IMO

Check out $GME and let me know what you think /superstonk has lots of great info for this!
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2021.12.06 00:37 Prodigal_Son22 Bone Vampires aren’t aliens; they were created by the Deep State!

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2021.12.06 00:37 ZachSloanMusic I made a ghost with skin type beat

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2021.12.06 00:37 Kxng_Wade W: max LVL rare baseball bat colour, indigo/yellow/pink (prefer pink) H: Caps or materials

Would love to get a pink lvl 45 bat if possible, I have Caps and a fair amount of aluminium/steel to give
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2021.12.06 00:37 franchtoastplz Do you think Kendall is dead?

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2021.12.06 00:37 willy_quixote The Churn

It was winter in 2026 when I stumbled across the forgotten paper by the Arabian scientist Muhammad Al-Fatani and it was his work that inspired the method that we would use to save humanity.
For years, my fellow geoscientists had been warning of the threat of global warming, that blight that was the accursed Sister to humanity's advancement from the Enlightenment through the Industrial Revolution, to the apotheosis of our species as Homo Technus - Technological Man. I too saw the warning signs in our Maritime Geophysics unit at Miskatonic University and it was there, in this little corner of New England, that I developed the solution to our great threat.
We scientists always say that we stand on the shoulder of giants, and it is true that I came across the idea when reading the arcane studies of Al-Fatani, who was researching the deep marine currents of the Red Sea, but in reality the solution was mine. It came to me when I was stirring a gin negroni and I realised that the way to reduce the warming of the ocean's surface was simple! All one had to do was churn the cool, dark water in the ocean depths up to the surface and drive the overheated brine down to sea floor, where the dark and cold floor of the ocean would absorb the heat of humanity's industry.
I brought my idea to our professor who, although sceptical, soon realised the simple beauty of the idea. Our initial studies in the continental waters off Maine were fruitful and we quickly saw that repurposing an oil rig was the simplest solution. We used the drill bit to penetrate the outer crust under the sea floor and then we placed a sleeve on the drill shaft. To the sleeve were affixed, by welding I understand, enormous propellor blades. It was these blades that would pull the frigid water from the depths to the surface and suck the warm water down to the darkness.
Our plan caught the attention of the new Secretary fo Global Cooling and it was synchronicity that the oil industry was collapsing and there were both crews and abandoned oil rigs in abundance that we could harness to our cause.
I was worried that we were rushing the process but it was the Federal Government, desperate for good news stories in the background of the Furnace Summer of 2024, that coerced us into accelerating our pilot studies. The impending election, and the prospect of leveraging votes from the Texas and Florida refugees, was the true cause of this haste, said my more cynical colleagues.
I buried myself in my work and soon we had an arc of oil rigs in the Atlantic stretching towards the edge of the Euro-American continental plate. In Summer 2027 we started the Churn and soon the dark upwelling of cold water from the deep had its effect. Mist blanketed the project as chill water met the warming atmosphere and the effect was immediate - cool rains smothered the annual California wildfires and the decreased temperatures made Houston habitable again.
I was on a lecture tour in Brussels when E63 - the eastern-most rig on the edge of the continental plate, stopped churning. The bit had shattered and the sleeve had burnt out, welding itself to the shaft at depths of over 1000 fathoms. I flew out the next morning and met the engineers in Boston by the afternoon. We took the fastest boat in the fleet and within a day and a half we saw massive form of the superstructure of rig E63 emerge from the gloom. The inevitable deep fog shrouded the rig and, strangely, the sea birds that were enormally in abundance to pick and forage from the detritus pulled from the deep, were absent.
We met with the master of the rig, an unkempt and greasy individual who picked at his face as he simpered ingratiatingly at us. he assured the project CEO that this was a common occurence on rigs and that the shaft would be repaired presently. I had cause to be suspicious, as the crew seemed listless and sullen, more interested in mocking our dress and cleanliness with uncouth banter than engaging with repairs.
The CEO must have had words with these fellows as within a day we saw some industry from the crew and the massive winch had started to drag the sleeve from the water. We stood on the bridge as the enormous chains emerged from the depths, drooling water as they spooled onto onto the massive drums. In the late afternoon, as the light was fading and before the the powerful deck light drove away the shadows, we heard shouting from the deck and the winch ground to a halt. From the bridge I saw the source of the consternation: a huge shard of rock had jammed into one of the links and needed to be cleared before it wedged into the winch drum. The crew were shouting and gibbering and i saw the most bizarre sight - a tentacle, doubtless from some squid or mysterious cetacious organ, had been wrapped around the rock and it was thrashing regularly and violently against the chain.
The crew maneuvred a tool, like a jackhammer affixed to a crane arm, into the rock and began the process of splintering the rock, eviscerating the marine organism adhering to the chain. There was an unearthly screech as the tentacle, or squid, fell (the crew fancifully said 'leapt'!) into the sea and that squeal must have come from the friction of the tool against the chain. Soon the offending piece was fragmented and the chips of stone were swept over the deck or pushed to one side for later disposal by the night shift.
Later that night I took my evening walk around the top of the superstructure. I was in the habit of avoiding meeting the eyes of the sullen crew, all foreign types, and I didn't understand their gibbering language anyway. I saw that some stone remained on deck from before and the crew had piled it into a heap, had lit a candle and shrouded the rock with a sheet and affixed some strange amulet to the top of the absurd pile. This was typical of these types of crew, who came from the most uneducated families of the most unfortunate countries. To demonstrate my lack of fear over such matters I uncovered the pile and selected a rock from the pile. I made a show of placing it in my jacket pocket and resumed my walk.
That night the rest of the shaft had been retrieved and, with the arrival of some replacement props, the crew were on course with resuming their duties. I returned to Miskatonic University the next day, by seaplane this time, and was glad to leave that dreary place in the middle of the ocean.
On the Monday I had the most curious message on my telephone service. It was the Royal University of Saudi Arabia. I saw from the caller ID that it was Dr. Al-Fatani - I supposed he was thanking me for my acknowledgement of his work in my now famous series of papers showing the efficacy of deep sea churning and air temperature. I sat down with my morning chai and played the message - I had difficulty understanding it as it was hurried and in a strange mix of English and, I guess, Arabic. I saved the message but decided to send a cordial email to Dr. Al-Fatani asking him to contact me via email as my hearing was not the best.
Another month must have passed and the project continued with even more success - my research was being presented to Sweden and there was talk of a major prize! Soon the European Union agreed to themselves build a chain of rigs from their western Atlantic coast to join ours in a metaphorical embrace between civilisations and discussion was made of similar projects in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans!
It was in the fall when an unseasonable cold snap brought cold weather across the east, threatening snow! it was when I was donning my crew jacket (a conceit i know, but I proudly wore this on campus) that I remembered the stone from the churn rig. I took it from the jacket and examined it in my office. Naturally there was a slick smooth side that had been worn by millennia of deep ocean currents. In the inner surface it was strangely concave, as if it were the inside of a vessel or tube and i swear that i could make out some etching on the inside - doubtless from som e marine organism that had found it's way inside. I placed it on my desk as a souvenir and left for the refectory.
It was a colleague, a geologist, who told me that day that Dr. Al-Fatani had died earler that week. That came as quite a shock andI recalledthe message on my phone service. That played on my mind for a time and it wasn't until I met one of our PhD students, from Egypt it turns out, that I found someone who knew arabic and could translate the message from Al-Fatani.
I asked her to my office and played the recording. She listened intently and shook her head at the end. She stated that Al-Fatani sounded very disturbed and that he was warning me not to alter the deep water currents. I asked why and she seemed very cagey - murmuring that Al-Fatani was 'just being superstitious'. I must have rolled my eyes at this mumbo-jumbo as the student seemed to take some unbrage and she quickly left my office.
This, dear reader, was now two years ago. I have my Nobel Prize and we now have cool weather across the globe as more and more Churn Rigs dot the deep ocean, bringing whatever inhabits those soundless and lightless valleys to the surface.
I realise now my mistake and the warnings of Al-Fatani. It was a month ago that I truly slept more than one hour and it was a month ago that I joined the inaugural underwater tour of the Churn on one of our new submersibles. For the Churn has uncovered something. Something of eldritch and ancient horror of which I cannot speak. For when we pull the water from the depths we also uncover forgoten cyclopean works in the deep. The valleys and canyons of the deep ocean floor were never meant to be uncovered and the myth of Atlantis is no myth. For the lantern of our submersible lit upon cliffs, not of formless rock, but of worked and tooled stone - portraying monstrous visions of human enslavement under hideous Gods.
Too late I warned the authorities and they ignored my pleas! Now, vessels have returned from the rigs bereft of crew - the rigs themselves have become infested with strange horrors impervious to our weapons. The stone on my desk glows with an eerie light and shadows in the outside darkness slouch in from the ocean, dragging themselves from their ancient prison.
I have not saved humanity: I have doomed it!
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2021.12.06 00:37 Ninjapocketz Looking for Playstation players for raids

Hey, my buddy and I have been playing Division 2 for quite some time. We both are veterans of the first and second game. We are having trouble getting people together to do the raids. Any skill level is welcome. Hit me up on psn if you're interested. Psn- Cinder_Fall2
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2021.12.06 00:37 oneoutofseventeen 30 minutes till i get kicked out of memorial library

we are 48 hours in and my 20%-of-grade final paper is 13 pages of JUST notes. i havent finished a single legitimate paragraph. i dont know why i thought going to college was a good idea for me but this is going to be a very expensive lesson on my own lack of academic suitability. sigh. currently reliving the memories of going to office hours when the prof. and grader still were tricked into thinking i was a good student, kinda feeling like i'd sacrafice this whole semesters worth of progress to get a do-over and go back to those days. yay finals :(
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2021.12.06 00:37 jadeyn_ Buying antilique’s horns!

I only have 30k so please keep it below that!
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2021.12.06 00:37 useyourownillusion In the US, are there license plate reading cameras that use AI to find stolen vehicles and alert authorities?

Because they ought to in major cities like Chicago, where stolen vehicles attribute to so much violent crime.
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2021.12.06 00:37 SaleSubstantial9962 I hate parents like this so much

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2021.12.06 00:37 JimKleinsasserBurner I feel like a crazy person saying give Carr one more year every year for what feels like 100 years, but give Carr one more year

It all started with Gerald McCoy tearing his ACL and getting suspended, then the head coach goes who, no matter win or loss, brought energy to the team every week, then the star receiver goes to jail and as much as i want to blame Carr for squandering a 5-2 start, I can’t do it. The offensive line aside from Kolton Miller is terrible, Josh Jacobs can only fight his way back to the line of scrimmage on so many 2nd and 7s. The defense habitually gives up wide open 4-7 yard passes on curl routes, which makes no sense in todays nfl since throwing it short is such a big part of offenses. But this team needs a proven playcaller, watching the play calling makes me want to jump out a first floor window.
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2021.12.06 00:37 ExpertTumbleweed3804 Why all the negativity

Not their best game but we are still in the playoff hunt
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2021.12.06 00:37 Louis_Vuitton_Shoe Re-uploaded (sorry yall lol) I redid Monster Tom, I like this one better :)

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2021.12.06 00:37 AzAzGod What happened with Faygo and Pasto?

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2021.12.06 00:37 juggslides Glad I found this sub

Need some advice with a couple scripts
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2021.12.06 00:37 20sICON Some more Purple love up inhere!

yoyo fellow ape-travelers.... numbers are on the rise and so am i.... just added another 56 this past week -- mixed incoming were from TD and Fid... requests made after the Fid debacle last week... both happened pretty quickly! gimmme some pusndoots... and DRS, just do it!
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2021.12.06 00:37 Striking_Debate1889 looking for scholarship axie i have experience in axie 1500 mmr

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