[WTS] 2oz silver Queens beasts completer coins!! Silver Maples and a couple slabs!

2021.10.20 14:29 smilingpurpletree [WTS] 2oz silver Queens beasts completer coins!! Silver Maples and a couple slabs!

Hello, couple things for you today:
1- 22 x 2021 Silver Maple leafs bu $29.50
2- 10 x The Royal Mint queens beasts 2 ounce completer coins, in air tights $75 (these coins are really cool looking, best looking coin to come out in a while imo)
3- 1914 S Barber quarter VG08, CAC $190
4- 2019 MS 70 1 ounce Silver Eagle $45
I strongly prefer Zell, but if that is not an option cash app Venmo or PPFF are fine. Shipping is $10 SFRB. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions
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2021.10.20 14:29 SoftGod1337 Hi! just starting katarina journey any tips?

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2021.10.20 14:29 No_Rich_7256 A free alternative to Amazon for shopping Colorado small businesses redirected $30 million in spending from Jeff Bezos to local stores across the state. Seems to work up to 100 miles around Aurora.

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2021.10.20 14:29 xJones218 Why do people hate on Dumba??

9 sog last night. 1 blocked shot. 1 assist.
I understand he doesn't do this every night. But this guy is an animal.
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2021.10.20 14:29 XxbritthemisfitxX I just wanted to be loved.

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2021.10.20 14:29 LGBTQbeauty22 My Dad's experience with some EP's

Ok, to give some context with my Dad. Was that he was a pretty chill and decent man. He was both a biker and hippy when it suited him and a very loving dad towards me and an amazing guy toward my mom. So, this is a retelling of his run in or his last one of being "followed."
Here are the cast:
D: My dad LGBTQbeauty22: Me at age seven ESW: Entitled store worker DM: Dad's mom Ti: A close friend of mine
I was around seven at the time when he told me this. I decided to ask him about the Civil rights movement for a school project. And something brought this up.
LGBTQbeauty22: Daddy.. my friend Ti and her family have been followed in stores. Has that ever happened to you?
D: Sadly, LGBTQbeauty22 it has. This happened before you were born. I was walking around a department store and was keeping to myself. When ESW started following me. They didn't say anything and I just put it to them being lost at first. Then it became clear that ESW wasn't lost and they had some type of insecurity of leaving me alone. So, instead of giving them the rise they wanted.. I did my shopping and checked out and headed to DM's or your grandma's car. He stopped and sighed as he sat there and drank some coke.
LGBTQbeauty22: Daddy?
D: yes sweet girl?
LGBTQbeauty22: why did that person have an insecurity?
D: Sometimes there are people out there who have fears. Some are scared of big, hairy, old biker men with tattoos. Some scared of snakes or needles. And some of the unknown to come.
LGBTQbeauty22: Daddy, what is the unknown to come?
D: It means maybe being more open than being in a little box or cage. Remember when we would watch that one children's movie
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2021.10.20 14:29 FantasticThing359 Provisioning Phones with Asterisk & Node Red

For those interested, Asterisk/Freepbx has NodeJS installed. A few upgrades and NodeRed will run on an Asterisk box. If you don't know what NodeRed is, you probably should because it's cool.
Using NodeRed I created a flow which queries the FreePbx mysql database and embeds info into templates for provisioning polycom phones. The techique works quite well and should work with pretty much any type of ip phone.
Currently it sets sip server data, display names etc. and generates a directory.xml file with all extensions configured on the box. I'm working on adding contact groups and merging them into the directory.
Initially installing nodered with npm failed. After upgrading npm and node the install worked fine. I don't know if this will cause conflicts with Asterisk/Freepbx so I would not recommend doing this to a production box. So far I have had no issues from the upgrades.
I used the Account Code field to store the mac address of the phone. When a provisioning request comes in I use the mac address provided by the phone to match the database and give out appropriate configuration.
If you were to use this method with an internet facing server I would highly recommend using a reverse proxy to carefully control access to NodeRed. Obviously giving out provisioning data presents a security issue so you should take appropriate measures. I don't think the default fail2ban settings will do much to protect nodered endpoints much less nodereds main port so use caution.
The flow is available here
It is a work in progress so don't blame me if it catches fire. You will of course need to provide provisioning templates. Variables in the template are flagged with %%, such as %%server%% %%port%% %%name%%
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2021.10.20 14:29 reddit_feed_bot NewsMax: Rubio: Using Florida Ports for More Imports 'Short-Term' Fix to Supply Chain Woes

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2021.10.20 14:29 fivediskchanger My monstera is turning yellow for fall 🤗

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2021.10.20 14:29 PaleOnlyKnows Newspapers.com request

Hi! I was hoping someone with Publisher Extra could grab me the obituary for Alice Gill. I'd appreciate it greatly, thank you!
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2021.10.20 14:29 Kendull-Jaggson Unbelievable Taking Advantage of COTAS

Listen to this: FT COTA job in HH low vision !!!
-Solo Home Health yet called "outpatient B in home" So still paid outpatient rate.
-1099 so all tax onerus on cota....$40 hr rate is actually $25 each hr after taxes. -No computer given for documentation -No supplies -No paid vacation -No PTO -Zero health benefits -Two weeks unpaid training lol -No Bonuses -No travel/car reimbursement
Each home health visit is 2 hours making "$50" for each session (comes to $30 per session cause 1099)
Each day approx 2 hours UNPAID $0 has to be spent documenting/uploading lengthy progress note and making your own schedule (admin work).
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2021.10.20 14:28 Tiktokcelebrities Kendall Jenner

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2021.10.20 14:28 DVM_DOW Any alternatives to pin genie locker?

I like the format where the numbers are placed in a circle. I don't like however how the app requires too many permissions on my phone
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2021.10.20 14:28 CringeCrossposterBot Post by u/VALK_MAIN_420 in /r/TikTokCringe

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2021.10.20 14:28 ExpertAccident Ouchie

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2021.10.20 14:28 thatwhitehairedmofo Romantically-charged Relationship questions

So I ran my group's first MASKS session last weekend, and all told, things went pretty well despite all my players being new to the system. However, there's one particular hang-up that I noticed.
For clarification, every PC at the table is, at least apparently, a straight guy, in and out of game. So when the Outsider's Relationship question of "You have a crush on ___________ but keep it under wraps" came up, he initially misunderstood it as naming an NPC, to which I clarified that the questions refer to other team members. While he isn't homophobic in the slightest, he obviously didn't envision his character to be gay, so he was pretty reluctant to answer, and we decided to replace it with something similar. I'm not sure if what we did was the right call in retrospect.
Looking at the other books, some of them have similar questions, like the Bull and the Doomed. I myself have no issue using the questions as- is; it's my understanding that the point of Relationship questions is to, well, describe a relationship of some kind between teammates so they're not strangers. With this in mind though, are they meant to be taken at face value in order to fully realize the Playbook's themes, or simply used as a means to an end?
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2021.10.20 14:28 CascadiaBrowncoat North Carolina

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2021.10.20 14:28 plastikliberator Avoid eye contact

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2021.10.20 14:28 emojixix Spooky Season

As you may be able to see we have updated the logo to a much more spooky one,
as someone of you may now Halloween is right around the corner, and we hope you enjoy this super spooky logo just as much as we do!
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2021.10.20 14:28 Pokeparu Dill se bura lagta hai Bhai

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2021.10.20 14:28 BxAs I'm about about break the screen

Why the fuck does every windows update make the whole device slow when updating and something I can't open anything and it takes AGES Ffs what is this I'm sick of it I tried stopping it it can't it won't stop I tried every thing
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2021.10.20 14:28 jonlandit Home Milling - getting started

After doing a fair amount of reading I finally pulled the trigger on a Grainmaker mill. Im excited to start milling my own flour for bread, but Im absolutely certain there's a lot I still need to learn. Are there any resources or books other home millers have found useful that you can recommend? Or even what kind of grain you buy and have had luck with? I live in MN so I'll be looking for something local but it also looks like there's a fair amount of it available even through places like Amazon.
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2021.10.20 14:28 ExaminationSame6258 I'm completely naked dancing with all of the windows open, is this normal or I need to ask for proficional help?

I'm completely naked dancing a very low music and my neighbors are watching me dancing naked in my bedroom I live alone
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2021.10.20 14:28 Plamcia I wanted introduce you to Qis in Polish regional dress mad by AngieTheShyGirl

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2021.10.20 14:28 EijirouDaishin Melancholy, Me, Digital, 2021

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